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Customer Review of LaVivid Coeus Thin Skin Hair System

Today we are introducing our Coeus thin skin men’s hair replacement unit to you guys about the detailed properties and what our customer say about it.

Base Construction: Coeus has poly thin skin all over the base. The base thickness is 0.08-0.10 mm. It offers you a second-skin feel as well as a secure fit. Coeus is easy to apply and remove.

Size: The default size is 8″x10″ and you can cut it to any smaller size you want and any shape you desire.

Texture: It has 30mm rod size which is a slight wave.

Hairstyle: Coeus has a free hair style and it literally can be cut into any hairstyle you want. It is totally fine with an exposed front hairline.

Density: It has a density of 115% and it works for a wide range of people in different ages from 20s to 40s.

Now let’s see how our customer say about LaVivid Coeus hair system:

Just got my system today. I got to say out of all systems i been ordering of the internet fare and wide . No one has come close to the quality and beautiful work as Lavividhair. I bought the skin 115 % hair density medium brown it was just right for me i did not need to thin the hair .Or in most cases for a medium light density wear the system backwards cause there was not enough hair in front cause medium density was always to think from front to back.. With yours i could wear it the way it should be…I do all the cutting in my self and it only took me one hour were other ones took 3-4 hours .When i found your site i was not gonna buy one cause you did not use hair dye to color your systems..But i thought i would give you a chance and very glad i did. Thank you so much and Lavivid will be where i get my systems from now on.

It’s the best i had it’s my first system from you. I bought a lot of systems some were good others were a waist of money and time .. But yours was just what i was looking for . I always bought stock systems but the densities were ether to thick or to thin. When i found your site i was looking at the skin systems cause there easier to work with . I saw you had one with a 115 % hair density just what i needed ..So i took a chance and ordered one from you..I have to say its the best hair system i ever received the density was just what i wanted not to thick or thin . 115 % density should be the medium and 110 % should be the medium light . I been around the block and read a lot of peoples comment ..They always complain the medium 130 % is to thick And also the 120 %..And they complain the medium light is just that to light..The one i just bought is how most should be made 115 % density it would save time and money for the seller and buyer..That’s just my opinion.. As long as i can buy this unit i just bought 115 % density i will stay being another happy customer and the price stay around the same..I will always buy from Lavivid…God Bless.

This is exactly what our customer say about LaVivid Coeus toupee and we didn’t change a word from it. Hope this can give you guys a reference and help you make a decision. If you need any assistance from our experts, please feel free to contact and we are more than happy to help you out.

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