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Desert Safari | Stunning Spots | Dubai

Dubai is full of mighty buildings and gigantic skyscrapers, desert safari which amuse the tourists. It invites the attention of tourists.

Enthralling and stunning adventure is a combination of fun and tranquillity at Desert Safari. Thrill-seekers come and enjoy here a unique experience.

Dubai is famous for its Sheer architecture. Iconic Dubai is a landscape having tall and huge buildings. Inside the buildings, the view is gorgeous and displays its beauty.

Tourists come for Impressive and sustainable visits to know about the culture and luxurious desert experience at Safari.

Let us have a unique experience of thrilling activities at Desert Safari which will spell you with extravagant beauty.

Exciting activities are arranged there to explore the beauties and discover fun here. One can experience Outdoor fantabulous activities to know something more about the Arab Emirates.

Eliminate` the fear of being an optimist and come to explore all daring and thrilling activities with skilled guides who are there to help you out and will make you have a sheer awe-inspiring experience.

Dune Bashing | Thrilling Adventures

Looking for the most thrilling experience that you have not done before. Dune Bashing is the most exciting and thrilling activity.

While you are going to experience a drive-in 4×4 Air Conditioned Land Cruiser. This exciting drive will enthral your body with the Bashing drive. It is an electrifying experience.

To hit the hot red dune, fasten your belts to experience electrifying drive with a skilful driver who will brief you with amazing and adventurous-filled knowledge.

Climbing the dunes with a thrilling adventurous drive will give you to experience quality time with your family. There is no need of being terrified of driving because for your visit all security is managed.

The people who have any fear in their mind, do read this blog because Drivers are very much present there to boost up their confidence. It makes you fearless because they have all precautions regarding security concerns.

With high professionals, you will feel like welcoming red hot dunes warmly without any fear. Golden dunes are open for adventurous activities. Without any exaggeration, You can simply call it a world that has several thrilling adventures.

Calm Dunes openly welcome visitors and tourists who come here for mental peace. This is the place of tranquillity, full of calm and peace.

Visitors do capture a lot of scenes and they also click pictures with Falcon as well as in Arabian dress.

Quad Biking |Adventurous Ride

Quad Biking Is a great adventure for is not a thing to frighten yourself. The purpose of Riding a bike is thrilling and it is all about skills and tactics. Quad biking is dangerous to ride during winter especially. Biking is fast speed ride adventure having four wheels. This does not only mean for especially women. The women can also enjoy these thrilling moments in Quad biking leaving all fear of danger and hurting themselves.

Biking can be dangerous for everyone it may be male or female if You do not ride it properly and safely.

If you have some reservations you can ride a bike near the grassy area is quite an easy and amazing experience. Riding any of the bikes incorrectly can be dangerous.

Some tourists are really after some more thrilling adventures and explore more than they are given a proper chance to move in somehow sandy terrain and the one is guided in the same way. Keeping this in mind that the visitor is capable of riding in the woods even.

Everyone must enjoy this adventure, Before making them have their ride some precautions and safety talks are discussed with them.

Wear very comfortable attire, gloves, and a helmet that will protect you in any way.

So, it is equally safe for males and females, Visitors can come and hit the dunes eliminating their fear.

Hot Air Balloon | Thrilling Activity

To make visitors comfortable and have a unique experience is every guide’s desire. Make sure safety is one’s priority.

Many people have fear of Air Transport. Travelling through ballon is another safer adventure. Hot Air Balloon Is a thrilling adventure through a hot air balloon. You can capture and witness sunrise and sunset without interruption. It is quite safe because the pilot is there and he will travel by making sure all of the safety measures.

You can also have a glimpse of the calm desert and explore the places which you could not manage to see by travelling. It is amazing to see all areas up from the sky.

Leave all the fear behind by using proper safety measures. You can have an experience that you have never tried before.

Camel Ride

Besides the Quad biking area, there is a chance to have a camel ride which is very interesting and adventurous, the visitors who have a good interaction with animals must try camel Ride while sitting on the back of such a nice animal you can hit all those calm and peaceful areas with which you cannot go by quad bike or bashing drive.

Camel is the ship of the desert. Experience this calm landscape with this calm tamed animal. A wonderful creature like a camel is the ultimate part of Arabian traditions.

The one who wants to explore culture and history they will do try a camel ride which is an unforgettable experience. This will drive you to the old days of how the Arabs travelled in the past by this gentle creature. Many people think that in this hot terrain, You can fall off the camel and be hit by the sandy dunes.  There are certain safety measures that can help you leave all of your fear behind.

Horse Riding

Riding a horse is an adventurous activity. To ride a horse is thrilling because when you ride it you feel anxious, hesitant, and fearful.

Many times visitors feel uncomfortable riding a horse and they cannot enjoy the ride fully due to some fear in their minds.

It is all about priorities and taste. If you love riding and then it is a good thing but if in your subconscious you have a certain fear of falling off then you cannot be comfortable.

You may find the horse that you feel is not a tamed one. For your comfort, you can hire a rider.


Dubai is well known for its adventurous sports, tall buildings. Mighty skyscrapers are living proof of their extravagant beauty which attracts tourists.

Overnight Desert Safari is a point that is full of thrill for thrill-seekers. People from all over the world come to amused by its enchanting beauty, The one who did not visit the desert earlier may find it boring and unattractive. When keenly observes it closely then amazed by its adventures and sports.

Sandboarding is one of them, that is full of thrill. It is like snowboarding that is on snow and a lot of visitors have surely experienced Snowboarding.

The proper terrain is there for sandboarding having slopes and heights. Sandboarding can be enjoyed properly on tall and steep dunes.

To start with your thrill just stand on Dune and with your feet. Strap on the board, and slide down easily.

Sandboarding and snowboarding are different. If you are having expertise you can enjoy both.

BBQ Dinner | Lavish Meal

After a great struggle throughout the day, Now it’s time to feed yourself with a delicious dinner that has different dishes like BBQ, International and traditional cuisine, you can also have veg and Non-veg dishes according to your taste.

You can also visit bar items having water and several soft drinks are available for you.

Fantabulous live shows | Entertainment point

With Lavish dinner, they can also enjoy live shows by fantastic performers who spell the tourists with their artistic and skillful moves.

Live performances like Tanura Dance, Belly Dance, etc are there to amuse you.

Tanura Dance  | Sufism

Tanura Dance is a form of Sufism, in which Sufi song is played and Dancer moves and spins continuously. The colourful dress and natural resemblance grab the attention of all visitors present there.

The skirt has different colours has magical look and how nicely the performer does his dance moves and spins around in a circle.  As the show ended he spins slowly and stands calm without any discomfort and tiresome on his face. Seeing this, tourists could not help appreciating.

Belly Dance | Nice Dance Moves

Belly Dancing is all about stunning, smart, and fast movements. That creates a sensational atmosphere. The sparkling dresses of the performer win the hearts of visitors there.

Belly Dancers are having a great experience to attract the attention of the audience with unique dancing moves with Belly. Beautiful ladies grab the attention of visitors.

To Conclude, Morning Desert Safari is more than these fears. Do not give space to the fear in your heart and mind and get ready for a thrilling adventure. Desert Safari is a complete package of beauty, tranquillity, and thrilling adventures for thrill-seekers.
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