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Develop Mobile App for both iOS & Android OR focus on one platform?

Many entrepreneur success stories have arisen as a result of focusing on one platform at the outset. When most entrepreneurs want to make a splash, they often choose iOS first, followed by Android Mobile App. Certain conditions, however, may make it more prudent to create for Android first, or in some cases both platforms at the same time. The elements stated below will help to explain why.

When deciding between iOS, Android, or both, there are several factors to consider. These factors include demography, revenue models, development speed, creating and designing UI, and Android tablet apps vs. iPad apps.

Demographics Of Mobile App:

Android has the largest global platform share, accounting for 80% of the global smartphone market, and has a strong presence in low-income and developing countries. iOS users, on the other hand, are believed to be more valuable. From in-app purchases to online retail to advertisements, iOS users have historically converted at a higher rate and spent more money. In the United States, Apple smartphones continue to have a commanding 42 percent market share. Looking purely at demographics, the Android platform appears to be the logical choice, but when additional aspects are considered, this may not be the case.

Revenue Models Of Mobile App:

While Android has a bigger number of ad-supported apps, paying for apps is still more frequent on the iOS platform (chart below). Even when the market share of Android is taken into account, iOS users are generally more valuable.

Rapidity of Development:

Android apps take 2-3 times longer to develop than iOS apps. This is mostly due to the release cycles of operating systems and Android fragmentation. However, the Android fragmentation issue is gradually fading. In May 2016, 75.6 percent of Android users were running Android 4.4 or higher.Timelines for release and approval are also important considerations. Getting their product authorised on the iOS App Store is the most difficult issue for app developers. Apple’s approval procedure can take several days.

Apps are sometimes rejected for minor flaws, which may be quite irritating for the developer who knows exactly how they want the programme to operate. The Google Play store app submission process is far less time-consuming than the iOS app market. Unlike its iOS equivalent, the Android app is usually published within a few hours. The app developer also has more leeway in terms of the general editorial content of their apps. App updates on the iOS app store are also limited to 3-4 times per month, but an app on the Android platform can theoretically be updated at any time and an endless number of times.

Building and designing user interfaces Of Your Mobile App:

With tools like Interface Builder bundled into Xcode, iOS is far more UI/UX friendly than Android. Because of the simplicity of working with frameworks on iOS, developers may further immerse themselves in the process of providing a fantastic user experience. If a larger range of customization options in building and design are vital to you, Android is the way to go. All of this flexibility comes at a substantially larger cost in terms of time, it should be noted.

Furthermore, the end-user isn’t usually concerned with how fancy the back end is; they just want it to work, preferably in a straightforward and intuitive manner. So Android is on its way to becoming a more user-friendly building platform, but it is not quite there yet.

Android Tablet Apps vs iOS iPad Apps:

The iPad is the clear winner in this contest. It takes the lead with a higher number of completely optimised apps as well as more popular apps supported. It’s very typical to see someone with an Android smartphone but an iPad as their preferred tablet, which says a lot.

When iOS is the best option:

In general, choosing iOS at the outset makes more sense. It is still far easier to create high-quality iOS apps than it is to create high-quality Android apps. According to statistics, iOS users spend 26 minutes more on their devices than Android users, consume more data, and spend more on mobile commerce.

When Android is the better option:

If Android is your target demographic, then releasing on that platform is the logical decision. This corresponds to a more focused audience in poorer countries or certain portions of urban regions. It is incredibly appealing to have 80% of the global market share.

When using both platforms is the best option:

If you want to plunge headlong into the market, both platforms are the way to go. You’re going in with your guns blazing, certain that your app will be a success. Companies with a long track record of success are more likely to take this risk. They have the capital to distribute more freely, therefore it makes sense and would be helpful. It’s also possible that an app will create a stir on one platform but go unnoticed on the other. So, if you have the funds, go for it. Increased market availability boosts your chances of success. The more people that have access to the app, the more downloads it will receive.


During the early stages of any app, the emphasis should be on determining what works and what does not.
Don’t worry if you don’t have the resources to launch on both platforms right away. Instagram first appeared on iOS in 2010, but it did not appear on Android phones until 2012. Focusing on one platform and assessing the findings from there is not unusual; in fact, it occurs frequently.
However, if the time and resources are available, go for it. Taking on both platforms will be good in almost all app categories. An app may also find success in unexpected places. Because an app is your idea, why give it anything less than the best chance? The more time and resources you can afford to invest, the more likely the app will be successful.

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