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Did You Know These Behind-The-Camera Secrets About The Dark Knight?

Every excellent story has many tiny tales in the background. The Dark Knight is no exception. The Dark Knight, a 2008 film, is a superhit for multiple reasons. The film gave birth to an iconic villain that will give goosebumps to people for centuries. No wonder it is the best superhero movie that is loved by all generations. Yet, even the dearest fans of the movie don’t know some interesting facts and incidents that took place behind the scenes. Have a look at these ten superb secrets that not many know. Flaunt all of these in front of your gang. All of these 10 below listed secrets are true, and were kept hidden. Interested? Go through the list and laugh-out-loud with your family and friends. The Dark

Secret 1: Heath Ledger’s Lip Licking Was For A Reason

So you thought the lip licking has some hidden meanings. Well, it does, but not what you all may be assuming. The frequent lip-licking of the character was basically a preventive measure. It was basically to avoid prosthetics from falling from the face. Gerry Grennell is the man who revealed the secret.

Secret 2: The Pause Was Pre-Planned

Heath Ledger made a pause during the hospital explosion scene. Many consider that it was an unplanned incident. But the happy event was a planned one. The misfire was scripted, and the comical reactions too weren’t a part of improvisations. Yet, the excellent creepy applause by the Joker in the scene when Jim Gordan was appointed as the Commissioner was an actual improvisation act. The actor deserves a great deal of praise for the same. Kudos to his craftsmanship!

Secret 3: The Interrogation Scene Had Some Real Action

Bale revealed a true incident in an interview. He said that the interrogation scene had Heath Ledger totally convinced and into the character. Enough said!

Secret 4: Heath Ledger Could Have Been The Real Batman

Yes. Christopher Nolan revealed that the filmmaker consulted Ledger to be the lead actor, on which the actor refused. Later, the 2005 film made him like the character of Joker. Eventually, the world got to see Christian Bale as the Batman and Heath Ledger as the Joker in The Dark Knight.

Secret 5: Some Scenes Were Shot By IMAX Cameras

The Dark Knight is famous for its cinematography too. Yet, who knew that cameras as ordinary as these IMAX cameras were used to shoot some of the scenes from the film? A total of six scenes were shot with the 15/70 IMAX cameras, with others being shot by the standard 65mm cameras. Kudos to the directors, nobody could find a trace of difference in any of the scenes.

Secret 6: A Stunt Driver Made The Semi Truck Flip Possible

The semi-truck flip scene is one of the highlights of the masterpiece. The scene was so accurately shot and delivered, that it left the viewers with an open mouth for a few minutes. Actually, a real stuntman made the scene possible. The man was Jim Wilkey, who was driving the truck during the shot. Marvellous!

Secret 7: The Secret Behind Ledger’s Exemplary Acting In the Dark Knight

The actor is a real mastermind. He made use of experimental methods to step inside the shoes of the character. As unbelievable as it may sound, the actor locked himself in a cell for six long weeks. The purpose was to peel layers of an unbalanced mind and get linked to the life of the character. It won’t be wrong to say that the actor gulped down the character.

Secret 8: Heath Ledger Made Michael Caine Forgot His Script Dialogues

The Dark Knight was a film of thousands of behind the scene memories for the actors. One such memory was when Michael Caine got so scared by the character of Joker on the sets that he forgot what he had to say in the scene. No, there is no fault of Michael Caine here. He had already rehearsed his dialogues well, but couldn’t control himself by getting amused by the Joker’s appearance. Don’t forget to appreciate the makeup artists of Heath Ledger.

Secret 9: Post-Production Work Added Magic To The Batman Growl

The Batman’s growl isn’t this deep in reality. It is undoubtedly the work of the post-production crew. Editing can make any voice change entirely.

Secret 10: The Role Of David Dastmalchian Was A Life-Changer For The Actor

David David owes many thanks to the movie, as it gifted him a character to be remembered for a lifetime. The character was wordless, but it spoke volumes about the potential of the actor. He got the most deserved acknowledgements for the role. It was an exceptional debut for David Dastmalchian.

Source : Camera Secrets About The Dark Knight?

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