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Discover 3 ways to increase your number of followers on Instagram

Everyone who works with social networks wants to have a greater number of followers on Instagram.

There are those who say that these numbers are no longer so important, that there are other characteristics of engagement that Instagram prioritizes more. Is this really true?

On the one hand, yes, Instagram is really prioritizing other interactions (like comments), but even with all the efforts of the social network, the number of followers seems to count a lot.

However, if you come across a store with few followers and another store with many followers, which one will you be most confident about making your first purchase?

An influencer profile with a larger following also makes a good first impression.

That is, as much as Instagram mentions that the numbers are increasingly irrelevant, people continue to use it to measure how much they can trust a brand or influencer.

So it turns out to be a smart strategy to look for ways to increase your numbers.

Check out the 3 tips we prepared in our article today.

  1. Have quality content

First, to get a larger number of followers on Instagram, you need to think about the content.

We usually say that it is necessary to prepare your Instagram for future followers to identify themselves.

Therefore, offer quality content. Instagram is a social network of photos, but more and more it is a place where people go to look for tips and want to learn something new.

Let’s give some practical examples that help with engagement and, as a consequence, in the number of followers.

If you have a clothing store, how about giving fashion tips? Make pictures with the same piece for different occasions or explain how to properly care for a certain fabric.

The target audience ends up sharing this type of information and using your store as a content reference and in the long run you only have to gain from it.

  1. Use Followers Gallery

This is the most popular Instagram auto liker without login. With this application, you don’t need to buy followers. You only need to like the Instagram account of other Followers Gallery users through the given tasks. With this application, you not only get followers, but also likes.

The principle is easy, Followers Gallery applies a coins-based system to regulate a fair share of people who follow and like each other. The more you do the tasks given, the more coins you get. Your job here is to collect as many coins as possible to exchange for free followers and likes. The performance of this application is amazing. How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? It’s possible with Followers Gallery!

This application is safe because it does not require direct access to an Instagram account. No direct access means no opportunity for anyone to access your account without permission (unless you provide your password on purpose, of course!). If you are interested and need more info, you can visit the official website at With the app, getting free Instagram likes and followers is quite easy.

  1. Partner with other influencers/stores

Partnerships are increasingly on the rise in the world of digital marketing and to get more followers on Instagram this is no different. In short, partnerships work with the collaboration of all the profiles involved, so that engagement and numbers increase.

What are you waiting for? Just run these tips and get the result!

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