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Does Chronic Back Pain Affect The Immune System?

The noxious COVID-19 pandemic has elevated different concerns about health issues. One of the most immediate concerns is chronic back pain and its connectivity with the immune system. Factually, it has been studied that the chronic back pain worsens your immune system and makes you fragile to fight off any disease. But, in the presence of this deadly COVID-19 outbreak, the danger increases because the epidemic drastically impinges on the immune system.

COVID-10 has taught us that some people are more vulnerable to others as compared to others. It is due to some significant factors that play a vital role in escalating the relentlessness of disease, including excessive smoking, age factor, heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, chronic medical issues, and some persistent medical disorders. So, it is quite understandable that individuals with weaker immunity functions are more likely to catch the Coronavirus. Similarly, the mortality rate of people with the susceptible medical record is also higher.

Chronic Back Pain & How It Affects The Immune System

Currently, every other person is experiencing stress, back pain, and it’s a threatening alarm for the functionality of the immune system. According to the recent research study of McGill University, the genes working in the immune system can be affected by chronic back pain as the back pain intensification reprograms the functionality of genes work in the immune system.

Interestingly, research studies revealed some other attention-grabbing facts about the connotation between chronic back pain and the immune system. Factually, chronic back pain prompts changes in the way DNA is marked in the exclusive cells known as T cells. Though it is quite vague whether the impact of such changes on T cells’ fighting capabilities is considerable or inconsequential, it is confirmed that these infection fighters have strong reliability on the chronic back pain.

However, the long span of pain increases the stress level in the body. That’s why it is quite substantial to find-out the optimal solution of chronic back pain in the first place else it can cause you to experience stress for long. The stress response is the amalgamation of the endocrine, neurological, and immune system, and all of them fight against a specified type of perceived warning or hazard. But if the stress response stays longer, then it may cause the augmentation of the hormone cortisol. And despondently, the research studies have confirmed the negative relationship between cortisol level and the functionality of the immune system.

For instance, compared to adults, older people are more vulnerable to germs and other risks, mainly due to their weak immune system. That’s why it takes a substantial time to heal their wounds, and they are predisposed to viral functions, including the COVID-19 outbreak.

How To Reinforce The Weak Immune System

If you want a healthy life with a strong immunity function, you will have to make an additional effort. You must participate in all those activities that can reduce the stress level of your body. You can try different calming down techniques, including Yoga, Meditation, and breathing exercise, to feel better. Nevertheless, if you think that things are not working for you, you can either take the assistance of a professional psychologist or physiotherapist. Just watch a funny movie, spend quality time with your beloved ones and you will feel better.

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It is better to take the following precautionary measures as well including;

  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and face
  • Stay home and prefer social distancing.

And try to work on the practical steps that improve the immune system. We suggest you eat healthy food, stay energetic and get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day.

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