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Doing Online Yoga Teacher Training Course Is It Worth?

Hey, lovely people out there wondering whether to take an online yoga class or not? Well if so this article is just apt for you. Here we shall be discussing all the pros and cons of taking a yoga course online. After reading the article you can decide whether it is apt to take classes online or not.

I could not say but you decide as per your inner soul. Thus in this time of a pandemic, all we do today is sit back at home and are into work from home. It is really important to note that yoga has never been as important as it is in these them.

The reasons are during this time children, youngsters, old people everyone is going through a rough phase and have started facing all sorts of anxiety issues which is leading to depression and other equivalent diseases or problems. Yoga is the only medicine to it and can heal your body as well as your state of mind.

And the only option is to do it online thus the dilemma arises whether to do it or not? Well after this article one will not have any such problems so let’s begin and see what are the advantages and disadvantages of an online yoga training course.



Online yoga teacher training courses have become affordable now a day. The reason is that the high price of studio and other pieces of equipment is cut shirt in presence of this virtual world. The usual 200 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course would cost high because that is something which is almost the basic of yoga.

But as per the current scenario it has become nearly half with the inclusion of theoretical knowledge as well. Thus, all in all, you will get the same knowledge but at a cheap price. This is a huge benefit of taking yoga courses online.

Personal Time with the teacher

Most of the yoga courses that are taking place online are not held on a batch basis. If also there are batched the strength is less. This gives more personal time and attention to the trainer. This results in a better outcome. So if you take an online class you will eventually learn more.

Also due to very heavy competition, today trainers are providing theoretical knowledge about the subject matter. This will help the understanding of the subject well alongside a great practice session with the teacher which was not there for offline classes having a huge number of students in a batch.


The timings and the course structure are very flexible. The reason is that everyone is at home and can manage time and the traveling time is deducted. Thus if you are a slow learner and suppose you lack in the hourly classes of the 300 Hour Online Yoga Teacher Training Course then one can adjust classes as per convenience and take an extra class. If you are interested to learn the yoga Nidra a yogic way of sleeping then this is the course for you – yoga Nidra teacher training online.

This would not have been possible if it was an offline affair because of the learner’s busy schedule. Thus online yoga training course is flexible when it comes to time and travel. This is a huge advantage of these courses if compared to offline. Also if you get extra time you learn better.

Better Preparation

The trainers today due to increasing competition has been taking better preparation for their classes. You will find something or the other very unique in the manual of each trainer. The setup is made great to provide a good session which otherwise would have lacked. One of the major aspects that have been included today is more focus on the theoretical aspect.  Also the setup, facilities as much as possible are included in the courses today.

Some CD or recorded videos for reference then manual etc also is been provided. All these have come into existence because today so many trained yoga teachers are taking classes in their free time and this is a part-time business today. Thus due to increasing demand and competition, there are plenty of features in online yoga courses.

Wider choice

You get to choose from a huge range. There are so many courses today and different forms as well. These courses are certainly dedicated to some problem or disease like PCOD, migraine, anxiety and as per your choice, you get to choose. This facility was not very famous when class and things were offline.

There the system was a routine manual was presented and students use to do it. Thus a wider choice is there when things are turning online. Here there are great facilities that are available for an online class which generally an offline class lack.

Post Covid practice

For the upcoming few years we hope things get better but the reality says that social distancing has to be the new normal. Thus when we have to live this life the practice to it may begin surely from today itself. This will make things easier and faster as well. Thus taking online classes today will help you in post covid situation as well. This will give you a double opportunity and option to choose whether you want to take a class online or offline.

Thus if you are comfortable and accustomed to both these options things will get easy. Also, the features or extra facilities that today the centers or teachers are providing will continue hopefully when the situation is better. Thus taking online yoga courses today will surely have a long-term effect and benefit.


No Face to Face Contact

This can be a con as well as a pro depending upon your choice and nature. Foor people who do not like facing people and generally belong to introverted family this is surely a great advantage. The online courses are bliss but to be honest, some asanas or poses cannot be done online. For that physical help is required as well as guidance.

So this is a drawback in online classes. Also, your trainer can be your inspiration and can be the force to do better. The compatibility and rapo with a trainer do not develop in an online class which is a huge drawback. Also face to face contact helps in the process which is sometimes lacking when it is done online virtually.

Communication problem

Communication problems due to locality, family, and other surroundings, with more than one student talking at a time, etc can be a great drawback for any class. This reduced the quality of one’s class and the learning as well. Communication is a huge problem when classes are conducted online. Also one has to be dedicated towards the class and course to overcome this problem.

If you are such a person then one can even overcome communication. But if not communication will be a problem because that is the key element and you will learn well when you communicate properly. If someone does not get points the that is again a problem for the class and the course in all.

No adjustments

Adjusting time dedicating an entire session after all the house chores can be slightly difficult. When things are offline and it is a regular habit this requirement to adjust or settling with the time is not a question. Thus this is a great issue in the case of classes that are taking place online.

Also requesting some other time, adjusting oneself in some other batch becomes a regular habit and this lacks the actual result for both the teacher as well as the student. But if someone can dedicatedly do the work and the classes fixing his r her schedule then this should not be a problem.

Network Issue

This is a very important problem during classes that are happening online. Due to bad weather, network issue, or in general your locality problems of communication do take place. Due to a bad network, several classes are missed along with not understanding classes properly.

Thus this hampers every session severely and can be a huge problem when the classes are being conducted online. The network is something that is again not in anyone’s hands as well. So this is a problem where humankind has no solution and this is a huge drawback for online classes.


Thus after this article, we hope all your confusion and doubts are cleared also the real fact today is that we have to adapt to the life of virtual media. For the next couple of years, it is safe to stay inside. Thus the importance of yoga again increases because it helps us to rejuvenate from within.

While choosing a perfect yoga center for you all you need to do is go through a few criteria and points. There is a dedicated article on this please go through it. If you follow those points you will get a perfect and great yoga teacher for you.

Today each one is learning yoga online and personally, I feel it’s worth it. All you need to do is concentrate on specific points and your job will b done easily. Thus find a good teacher and start today you will surely see the difference soon.

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