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Download Youtube Mod Apk Premium Free No Ads for Android

Today’s entertainment besides watching television is watching streaming videos. Whether it’s streaming anime or streaming songs. Generally, if we want to stream, we must go to YouTube, right? Because YouTube is one of the most popular online streaming services in Indonesia. Have you ever thought about watching YouTube without ads? Can it be like that?

It’s very possible because YouTube itself has premium features that will allow you to view videos from your favorite YouTubers without being bothered by ads at all. The name of the youtube feature is called youtube premium, although some people mistakenly call it youtube red. Well, this time I will give you the YouTube Premium Free Apk file that will allow you to watch videos for hours without any disturbance.

The application that I will give you is the youtube mod apk, a file that will allow you to view youtube videos in HD quality without any ads. The features are not just that, how come there are many, what are they? So just take a look at my writing. Trust me, you have nothing to lose using the youtube mod that I gave you.

YouTube Premium Apk

In addition, one of the advantages is that we can log in with this youtube premium mod with our google account. Very cool right? So a list of video history that you have seen will be recorded in this application because you are logged in with your Google account. If you do not log in, the history list will not be recorded.

Honestly, I’ve seen youtube without ads for more than a year using the youtube premium mod apk. What is the difference between this application and the premium youtube features? I don’t think there is a difference, but if you ask me that, I will answer. The only difference is that it’s free. Yep, using the youtube mod apk application does not charge a penny. At the very least you have to download the youtube mod apk first and install it on your android phone.

Youtube Premium itself is a service offered by YouTube for its users. So that users can enjoy all the videos on it without the interruption of ads that often appear in some videos. Since it has these features, of course, the features offered are not free. Just look at the premium youtube page here to find out how much it costs.

It’s really cheap if in doubt you can try a trial for 1 month. After that, you will be charged a monthly fee of IDR 59,000 and this fee can be canceled at any time. This premium youtube feature is perfect for those of you who often see youtube as the main entertainment. Moreover, the content on YouTube is very varied, ranging from comedy entertainment to educational ones.

youtube mod apk

One channel that I can recommend while watching this youtube video is Mark Robber and Kurzgesagt. These two channels are very entertaining which contain interesting knowledge, unlike other channels such as pranks that entertain people and are very cringe. Here no, you will be given the knowledge that has been researched in such a way by the YouTuber and presented to you with an interesting presentation.

The only drawback is that the channel is in English. So it’s a bit difficult to enjoy the content if we don’t understand a little English. At least there are also some videos with Indonesian subtitles available. Besides that, you can also download this YouTube video. There are two ways to download videos on YouTube, namely using the application and without the application.

However, if you download YouTube videos with this software, there are some limitations. Namely, some videos can not be downloaded. If you use the application from YouTube itself, it’s the same even though using this YouTube mod apk some videos can’t be downloaded. Although there are several ways to outsmart it, although we will discuss this another time.

By subscribing to YouTube Premium, you will get the YouTube Music Mod feature where you can listen to music without ads. In addition, you can play the video in the background, in other words, the video will continue to play even though you have exited the premium mod youtube application. How, are you interested in downloading this youtube mod apk?


The following are the features that you will get when using its premium apk

  • No Ads
  • Play Video in Background
  • 3 Theme options
  • High Resolution
  • Can Zoom
  • Can choose VP9 or HDR

Here I explain some of the features of the youtube mod above.


Yep, I’m sure for those of you who watch YouTube videos a lot, you’ll be furious if this happens. Moreover, the duration is long and cannot be skipped. This ad will indeed always be there because YouTubers get income from here, by using the application that I share you will no longer experience this.


if you use the usual youtube application every time you release the application the video stops right? Well, with this youtube mod the video will always play as long as you don’t stop or pause the video. In addition, you have to remove the application if you want the video to stop.

Actually, this feature is very suitable for playing music, it’s just that it will be very wasteful of quota if it is not set first. This feature is not suitable for those of you who often fall asleep while watching YouTube, because the video will continue until the quota runs out or the battery runs out.


In this youtube mod apk application, you can choose 3 available themes, namely Black, Dark, and White. It is suitable for those of you who like to watch videos in the dark so that the picture is not too bright which can damage the eyes. In addition, by using a dark theme, we can also save more on the Android cellphone battery that we use.


yt premium apk

You can set the resolution in this application to the highest, which is up to 2K. So that the image will be clearer and more stunning, especially if the video you are watching already supports the 2K resolution. Whereas in the regular YouTube application, it can only be set to 1080p.

It’s just that playing videos with that resolution will make your quota very wasteful. Even your wifi will run out quickly because generally, wifi in Indonesia has a monthly data limit. If you exceed it, the speed will decrease by half to the minimum limit.


You can zoom in by using this youtube advanced. Yep, that’s the name of the premium yt application that I share. Although I’m sure we don’t use this zoom feature very often, if you’ve ever thought about zooming in on a video you’re watching, then this app is perfect for you.


download youtube mod apk

VP9 and HDR are codecs for displaying an image. VP9 is a codec made by Google, you can choose between your video using vp9 or using hdr with slightly better image quality. Although I myself have never tried it, this feature is perfect for those of you who don’t like dotted images like the mobile legend mod apk game that I shared yesterday. This ml game is famous for being dotted, if you don’t believe it, just check the gameplay on youtube.

There are so many features of this youtube mod apk, right? Well, the name of the application was youtube advanced, yep, by using the application you will be able to enjoy watching youtube videos with the premium features that exist and are offered by youtube itself. This YouTube advanced is an application that is perfect for those of you who like free but premium flavors.


The following is how to use the youtube premium mod that is here.

  • Download youtube mod apk
  • Wait until the download process is complete
  • Look for the file that was downloaded earlier
  • Install the file
  • Wait until the file is successfully installed
  • If you have, please open the premium youtube application
  • Take a look at a video and watch it till you’re satisfied

Yes, how to use YouTube Premium Vanced is very easy because you just have to install it. In addition, the yt premium apk application can also be installed together with the original youtube application. So that later there will be two applications to view different YouTube videos. One is a free version and the other is a premium version.

It’s just that so that your history is saved, whether it’s a video that you like or a watch list later to appear, you have to log in first. The method is in the explanation below.


This is how to log in using youtube advanced

  • Install the advanced youtube file
  • Download Micro G
  • Install the two apps
  • Then open the YouTube Vanced application
  • Click the icon button on the top right
  • Then select login
  • Enter your email and password
  • Click ok

If you have logged in now, just watch the video as usual. It’s just that the method above only applies to Android phones without root. If the cellphone is rooted, you have to use additional magisk files and it’s a bit complicated. So that’s how to use this premium youtube application called youtube advanced. It’s clear, right?


  • Latest Youtube Vanced ( Download )
  • MicroG ( Download )

Please download the youtube premium mod apk and experience the various paid features available on youtube for free without being charged any fees. If you like something free like this, don’t forget to try the drag racing mod apk which is a racing car game on the play store with cool cheat features.

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