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Ductless Fume Hoods Eliminate The Need For Ducts

A ductless fume hood is one wherein a contained working space utilizes negative airflow to remove harmful vapours, steam, fumes, or other particulate matter away from the environment and personnel. It is comprised of many parts, the most important being the filters. To begin with, air from the outside is taken into the ductless hood and mixed with the fumes or other harmful substances that arise from the process. This is then run through a pre-filter, where some of the filtration processes take place. Post this, it is then run through the main filter where the main filtration process is undertaken. Finally, the clean air is then released, consider eliminating the need for any type of ducts for filtration. The main parts of a Benchtop Ductless Fume Hood are the main filter, the pre-filter, LED Lights, Clear Polycarbonate sash, Anti-static vinyl curtains, the access area, and the work surface. The worksurface is usually the tabletop or the benchtop. Benchtop Ductless fume hoods are an ideal solution because they eliminate the need for ducts for filtration and do the process just as effectively. Two of their significant features are enumerated below:
  • Long filter life: When you are purchasing a filtration system, you want one that is robust and that is likely to last a long time and withstand the various airborne particulate matters as well as the vapours that are emitted. A benchtop ductless fume hoodis extremely sturdy and boasts of a longer filter life ensuring that you do not have to keep changing your equipment again and again. They are constructed sturdily with a robust and stable frame ensuring that they do not break or snap, and are usable for a considerable period.
  • They are quiet to operate: many industries, especially those located within cities have certain noise boundaries and restrictions that they have to adhere to – however, running an industry or a lab can be a noisy affair. Fortunately, benchtop ductless fume hoodsare extremely quiet to operate and do not cause a commotion.
Is Investing In A Benchtop Ductless Fume Hood Worth It? It is certainly worth investing in a benchtop ductless fume hood. Some of the significant benefits that arise from a ductless fume hood are as follows:
  1. A low requirement of maintenance: 
  2. When someone purchases any system, whether it be a ductless fume hood or otherwise, one of the key aspects that they look for is the ease of maintenance. Not only is it cumbersome to select equipment that requires constant maintenance, but it is also risky given that a lack of maintenance can ruin the overall process. Furthermore, constant maintenance requirements can be demanding both in terms of cost as well as personnel. With ductless fume hoods, the aspect of maintenance is no longer an issue. They are extremely easy to maintain and clean and do not require too many additional resources.
  3. It is extremely simple to change the filter: you do not have to be an expert to understand how to change a filter on a ductless fume hood as it is extremely simple.If viewed once, you will likely be able to change the filter easily and with no struggle at all.
  4. Choose the size you believe is most ideal for you: benchtop ductless fume hoods come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the amount of filtration required, what substances you plan to work with, the amount of space you have available, you can choose a benchtop ductless fume hood based on these factors.
  5. No ducts: ducts are hard to install, hard to operate, and are overall worse for the environment as well. With ductless hoods, you have no makeup air and nor do you have any ducts. The ductless fume hoods filter the air from all vapours, steams, hazardous matter, and particulate waste and make it safe for release.
  6. Multiple filter choices: While purchasing a ductless fume hood, you can choose between a variety of filters based on your needs and preferences. The most common are as follows:
    1. ULPA with an up to 99.9% efficiency rate down to 0.12 microns
    1. HEPA Filter, with an up to 99.97% efficiency rate down to 0.3 microns
    1. ASHRAE Filter, with up to a 95% efficiency rate down to 0.5 microns.
    1. Various chemical filters such as activated carbon, acid gas filters, Aldehyde filters, ammonia, and mercury.
Therefore, for all of these reasons, a ductless fume hood is an ideal solution for anyone looking to filter the particulate matter as well as reduce or eliminate the usage of ducts. For more informative articles keep visiting Emu Article.

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