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Education Begins at Home

Education Begins at Home

Parents play a significant role in the education process of their children. They always endeavor to provide the best education available to their children. For this, they put in a lot of hard work, effort, and sacrifice and try to find the right school for their kids. But, while doing this, they undermine their role in the education of their children.

Parents tend to forget that before any school, it is the environment that they create at home that shapes their child as an individual. It is their interaction with their kids, and the time they devote to them that serve as their primary and first education.

This responsibility of providing children with the right education at home arises right from the time they are born. It is the balance parents strike between education at school and at home that facilitates better learning.

At ASPAM IIS, one of the Best Schools in Sharjah, we are suggesting a few ways by which parents can ensure themselves of becoming the educators of their children at home:

  1. Becoming role models: Children become whatever they see at home, as they tend to emulate the behaviors and actions of their parents. For instance, if parents are impatient or violent at home, their kids are also likely to become the same. So, they should conduct themselves in the same manner as they would want their children to be in. They need to be patient with their kids and not instantly reacting to their mistakes. Inspiration and friendly guidance are the two essential keys to achieve this.
  1. Creating a safe and positive environment: Children have a very compelling quality of being perceptive. They sense any sort of unrest instantly and get affected by it. Such instances become barriers to not only their education but also to their holistic development. Parents should hence realize that any stress, be it marital, familial, or financial, should not be in any way brought in the notice of their children. They should be protected from any negativity and instead be offered a loving home atmosphere that is free, explorative, expressive, and uninhibited.
  1. Reading together: This is what will give children much-needed confidence. It is possibly the most viable way to be familiar with the kid’s learning at school. Showing involvement and correcting them when wrong would help them improve their vocabulary and also instill interest in further reading. Another thing which parents may do is to take their kids to libraries and bookstores. This sharing of quality books would help them imbibe knowledge apart from what they learn in the classroom lessons.
  1. Encouraging and providing guidance: When it comes to school assignments or examinations, parents should always be there for their children. They should realize that these are the times when they need them the most. Their support and guidance throughout the process would increase their morale. Also, when they grow up, parents should provide their kids with the liberty to choose any field of their choice. Forcing children to follow a certain career path would only do wrong to them.

Thus, parents hold a critical role in their child’s education. This education is much broader and crucial than the academic knowledge provided in the boundaries of their classrooms. It is their active role that may help their children to emerge in becoming better individuals with improved behavior and better social skills.

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