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Educational Trend 2021 And Affects Of COVID-19

The pandemic of coronavirus has brought drastic changes in almost every industry and sector around the whole world. It has introduced uncertain and unexpected conditions in our work, mental, and personal life. The global society witnessed a massive loss in every certain discipline.

-The pandemic of coronavirus has resulted in up to 1.9 million deaths and around 88.2 cases worldwide- recent reports reflected!

People are suffering with unemployment and fear of exposing to the virus. Since the outbreak of virus, countries around the world imposed lockdowns that resulted in the closure of public places. Such places included public parks, shopping centers, schools, and other educational institutions.


Looking at the picture from the sector of education, students have been sitting at their homes for almost a year.

More than 188 countries stressed upon shutting down the schools and educational institutions in March 2020- as the educational systems around the whole globe were severely hit due to coronavirus.

This situation encouraged path-breaking technological innovations to take place!

Online classes that felt like the future of education now have become a norm. The traditional and formal classroom environment is completely absent in this virtual learning duration- thanks to the pandemic.

Learning management systems and online conferencing educational software are being launched to increase the engagement of the students with the teachers right from home. This also helps in preventing the spread of the virus.

Expert writers provide assignment help via sharing an analytical report that stated; market of education technology is expected to see an upward surge in the users that would rise up to 9.6 million. Also, this would result in revenue generation of up to $1.96 billion in 2021.

The educational sector would continue to revolutionize its face encouraging students the use digital gadgets on their own pace- in short, personalized learning.


Technology would keep on evolving, so will the digital platforms for education and personalized learning for students.

Let us have a look at these 7 educational trends on which you must keep an eye in 2021.

Virtual and augmented reality:

AI has transformed the educational industry by providing the teachers and students with systems through automation resources including, homework tracking, assessments, and scheduling. VR and AR would help teachers to be more efficient and teaching will become more interactive and engaging. Teachers and students both can take advantage from this innovation as it will simplify complex problems.

Virtual classrooms:

With the help of virtual classrooms, students and teachers are able to get connected over video conferencing and online lecture platforms. This is also helping the students to join the classes and keep the learning track alive from any part of the world. Students are also being empowered to learn at their pace. Teachers can also control and manage educational operations while staying at home. AI further helps in attendance tracking and student monitoring.

Personalized learning:

Personalized learning is the most growing concept in this era. It is the concept of providing the students with the ease of online learning platforms. In this way, educators are also being more collaborative and engaging towards the students. Also, the student’s caliber, his proficiency, and his knowledge level are kept on the priority in personalized learning. Teachers can also help their students to produce the best results.


Robotics is yet another ground breaking technology developing with the help of K0-12 learning system. With the help of STEM learning- Science, technology, engineering, and math- all concepts develop among the students. This further leads to critical thinking, decision making, quick approach to complex concepts and creativity of the student. Also, the students feel encouraged from an early age.

Cloud-based education technology platforms:

Cloud technology is also witnessing an upward surge in the upcoming years. The academic content, lesson planning, assessments, paper checking, and school management can also be managed with the cloud based technology in an organized and secured way. Instant report generation, real-time tracking, and online classes would also become easy to manage with the cloud technology. Admission and parent teacher communication would also get simplified.

Digital master classes:

Digital master classes are also gaining popularity among the students. This is happening as the students are now free to explore the internet and they can have digital connections around the world. In this way, they are also able to be taught by the top experts of different field and disciplines. It would accelerate the active learning and personalized learning of the students at their own pace according to their interests.

Blended learning and block based coding systems:

The hybrid learning model is also growing that will promote formal in-class activities to be blended with online educational resources. This would further be helping in the flexible learning approach and students will learn independently. Practical learning and block based coding systems are also being planned for the students so the students could accelerate in technological grounds from early age.


Online education would definitely be the new normal in the future and students will be studying at their own homes at their own pace. We are looking forward for a revolutionized face of education in the future!

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