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EPOS Splits from Sennheiser to Set Up a New High-Tech Gaming Audio Company

EPOS is known for delivering high-end audio solutions specially designed for gaming and enterprises. The EPOS base is pioneering audio technology that tries to catch the human potential by delivering the perfect audio technology with innovative design and performance. They try to make every product unique and give their best while preparing any audio device. They usually make the products with Sennheiser, but due to some reasons, EPOS has announced that they are going to operate separately.

In the last few years or months, the gaming industry has been flooded with the unique and the best audio devices produced by the incredible audio companies. The GSP series gaming headset is one of them.

Why There Is A Need For Gaming Headset?

You can play games even without a gaming headset, but still, you have to choose a gaming headset for a better gaming experience. A headset always provides a better chance and environment to get indulged in the game and tackle your enemies. If you are able to pick the best headset, then there are chances that you will also be able to hear the surround sound that will give a better sound gaming experience. It also means that it creates a hyper-realistic experience for the users that allows you to listen to the sound from different parts and angles of the game.

Recently, EPOS has announced that they are going to separate from Sennheiser. It was the big news in the field of the audio industry. Now, they both are going to develop their high-tech gaming or non-audio devices.

Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen, who is the President of EPOS, commented that they were aiming to make the EPOS as one of premium audio solutions in the fields of the game. They try to win the minds of gamers who just want to push their limits and win all the games’ levels. If gamers want to unleash the potential from the audio’s power, then their audio device might help them achieve their goal. They have seen a great opportunity to utilize this time with a dedicated global team of experts in the industry. They will continue to offer an immersive audio experience to the gaming industry. Now audio is one of the main aspects of the global gaming landscape that is coming in the further coming years.

Now come to the announcement part. EPOS released a 2-minute trailer while announcing the news of the separation from the Sennheiser. You can watch the Blade Runner-esque trailer from YouTube. The trailer was directed by Anders Walter, who is an Award-winning Danish director.

The company founded a base “The Power Of Audio” to give a better gaming sound dimensions. EPOS understands the reliability and requirement of the audio devices in the gaming segment, and they try to deliver audio devices that transport the gamers to the virtual gaming world. The audio enhances the quality of the game. Each product created by the EPOS takes the technology, performance, and design to another level.

The Maja Sand-Grimnitz, head of the Global Marketing of the Gaming, commented that they want to give a new perspective on how audio capacity can enhance the gaming experience. They entered the market as a new player, and they usually try to make a robust audio heritage, and they promise to deliver their best products. They will provide a strong reason for the users to choose this product and maximize the gaming experience. Premium audio of their product can enhance the feeling, and this message will be part of their campaign. They work harder to make the EPOS a golden ticket to offer the best gaming experience to their users.

Currently, the EPOS will continue to sell the Sennheiser products co-branded under the EPOS l Sennheiser. The new independent EPOS will soon launch the original gaming audio devices. There are speculations that the product will hit the market this October.

Artificial Intelligence Drives This Brand-New Bluetooth Headset

Just imagine that your headset helps you in making voice or video calls. It will prove a better deal if you get something that looks like a pair of headphones with a microphone, and it can clearly pick your words. But after five years, you might have a different answer.

The simple reason for this issue is that the world is progressing to AI or artificial intelligence. Several companies like Sennheiser and EPOS are working on AI machine learning experiences that can increase the speech clarity using the microphones even when they aren’t placed in front of your mouth. There is a higher chance that the sound produced by this new breed of the headsets makes you feel that you and your receiver are sitting in the same room.

The research is still going on in this inclusion of AI on the headsets. The market will get the fruit of this research in the form of a new gaming headphone by the EPOS, which will be the original product that changes the definition of the gaming headsets. The brilliant features of this headset might reduce the stress that is usually created during the video and audio chats.

So, wait for the official announcement about the features of the new product by EPOS.

Source:-  EPOS Splits from Sennheiser
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