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Everything to Know About Sony’s Next-Gen PS5 Console

Slowly Sony is launching the features and specs of its Next-Gen Console. They have announced the launch of their next-gen gaming console half a year after the official announcement of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. But the curtain-raising from some features is still left from the all-new upcoming gaming consoles.

The latest announcement by Sony is about the 15 next-gen titles that will be released after the console’s launch. Sony is working hard for its reputation and they are keeping these things in mind while launching and making its next-gen console. A small loop-hole might affect their goodwill in the market.

Undoubtedly, the current-gen console is competing against the current console by Microsoft. If you see the history, you might find that the PS4 is one of the best selling consoles as per the reports by a tech company in 2019.

Now, coming to the PS5 console. Still, many things need to be revealed before the gamers decide to buy any other console. The blog has some necessary details about this next-gen console.

PS5’s Release Date

Sony has officially confirmed that PS5 will hit the market in the holiday season of 2020. Still, the release date is missing. If Sony follows its past trend of launching the product in November, you might see the launch of PS5 at the end of November.

The lockdown and the quarantine of millions of people disrupted the workflows of several people. That’s why there is a delay in the launch of this product. But there are chances that the current pandemic might not affect the launching of this product. Possibly, you can buy PS5, the next-gen console, from November.

What Will Be The Cost Of PS5?

Previously, there were rumors that the PS5 would release in June, but all the rumors proved false. It was expected that Sony would announce the price of the PS5 in August, but hard-core gamers have some expectations regarding the price of this product.

Possibly, the console of PS5 might be a little expensive due to its specs and features, but still, it will be better if you wait for the official announcement.

Two Models Of PS5

One thing is pretty clear that Sony is going to release two models of PS5. One is with the physical drive, and the other is without drive. The second model will be the digital edition in which gamers have to download copies of the games from their official sites.

But the company hasn’t announced the price and specs of these two models, but after the holiday season, these two models might be available in the market. There are speculations that the Digital Edition of the game has more internal storage and lets the gamers customize the console’s storage as per their convenience. But the digital edition might be cheaper than the standard PS5.

According to the official reports by Sony, there is a shortage of raw materials as their supply chain was changed due to the current situation.

The PS5 is manufactured in different countries and then shipped back to the United States, which got affected due to the pandemic. The company is going to offer a pre-order facility to its users.

Possibility Of The Release Of PS5 Pro

Sony didn’t say anything about the PS5 Pro, but there are some rumors that the company could launch the dominant version of the PS5’s console.

If you see a video on YouTube by Zenji Nishikawa, a Japanese Game Journalist, you might get to know the intention of Sony from 2019. In the video, he stated that gaming companies are planning to provide high-end models and want to give the players next-gen gaming experience.

Latest PSVR Hardware Is Coming With The PS5

Sony is working on the PSVR hardware of its next-gen gaming console. The final product by Sony might be truly wireless with new controllers. The price of the PSVR 2 might be closer to Sony’s current virtual headset device, which is $299.

For more information about the PS5 Console, wait for another announcement by Sony.

Source:- Sony’s Next-Gen PS5 Console
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