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Everything You Need To Know About BMW ECU Programming

Generally, ECU is abbreviated as an Engine control unit. And this important tool is known to be the heart of the BMW car. It is used for performing so many important functions. BMW ECU Programming is the process by which the ROM file is taken out and placed into the permanent storage inside a vehicle’s engine management. BMW ECU Programming is very useful in controlling the engine when the valve gets open. This ECU unit always connects to the BMW Scan tool.

ECU is just like the mind of a human being as it is very useful for storing crucial information and helps in controlling the car while driving. The information which is collected by ECU is stored in RAM. And this feature is very helpful in starting the car. When you switch the engine then it directly retrieves all the crucial information from the storage tanks.

Now Let’s Find Out How To Reset The ECU of BMW:

Drive your car for 20 minutes for bringing it to the normal operating temperature. After some time stop and remove the car’s bonnet and then remove the lead of earth from the battery. Beware about the lead and check it is not in contact with any other metal surface. Now wait for 5 minutes and depress the brake for around 20 seconds to discharge the capacitors of the ECU system through brake lights. You will find that now your ECU system has lost all the data. The last step is to reconnect the lead of the earth and close the bonnet.

The primary step of resetting the ECU system is to remove the backup power source. There can be a time when your ECU unit has stopped working.

There Can Be Several Reasons Due To Which Your Engine ECU May Have Stopped Working:

1. Low Voltage:

Generally, the average ECU has 9 volts but they usually prefer 12 volts. The voltage amount can be checked by the harness of the ECU where the wiring runs. All you need to do is to connect the voltmeter gauge to it. With the help of this device, you can check the amount of voltage running through the ECU. Moreover, if you experience that the voltage is less than 6 then it can be a cause of ECU problems.

2. Bad Starter:

Most of the vehicles have their sensors in them. One of the most popular sensors among them is the override sensor which is responsible for managing how many volts the ECU requires. If the sensor is not good then the ECU would not receive the appropriate amount of voltage. And as a result, it would cause further problems in your vehicles. Another problem that could arise is if you replace your starter with a new starter which is not compatible with your vehicle’s ECU.

3. Corrosion:

The ECU is known for having a seal around it which prevents moisture from entering inside. After several years, usually, these seals become worn out. And if the seals become too worn then it is very easy for the moisture to pass through then and enter the ECU. Moisture is considered as the worst thing to have in an ECU as it can cause corrosion. Plus if the corrosion is not cleaned quickly then it can cause other components to damage.

4. Dead Battery:

Car batteries have electronic cells that need to perform well for the ECU to function well. If the cells in your car battery are dead then your ECU will fail soon. Once all the cells get dead then the vehicle is not able to function properly and sometimes it even stops. So, it’s always better not to ignore the early signs as these signs can cause a problem in the future.

5. Bad Jump Starting:

To jump-start your battery, you need to ensure that the cables are attached properly. If you perform a jump start with the cables in the wrong way then it can lead to a short circuit and can cause the expense of thousands of dollars.

So, try to keep care of all these things if you want your BMW ECU programming to perform and function well.
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