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Everything You Need to Know About Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

Yes, Crash Bandicoot is back, with its latest version, and this time it is more challenging than its previous versions. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a sequel of the beloved trilogy of Naughty Dog, which aims at maintaining a similar Crash formula with a vast number of new features. This time the game will be as challenging as ever. You will have access to new abilities, which will completely modernize the gameplay and mechanics. There will be more story elements in the game to level up the timeline. There will be many more added features. Some players might find these features pretty confusing at first, while others will be impressed with these newly added features.

It always becomes a matter of concern whenever any popular game series changes hands with others. For example, when Halo’s development was handed over to 343 Industries from Bungie, Square Enix took the responsibility of the developing Tomb Raider.

So, it is pretty assumable that the Crash Bandicoot’s fans might have gotten concerned about the game when they would have heard about the Toys for Bob’s announcement of taking over the game from Naughty Dog. Now there will be questions arising in almost every gamer’s mind if Toys for Bob will be successful in making a fully-fledged brand-new version of Crash Bandicoot? We can assure you that Toys for Bob has completely nailed it, and you will be able to realize it when you will play the Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time. You will see that to bring back the game’s legacy, Toys for Bob has worked a lot for it. You will see almost all the iconic crash elements of the previous versions in this version of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time.

Crash Bandicoot 4: Release Date & Price

Crash Bandicoot 4 is a sequel to the Crash Bandicoot trilogy, and it is all set to release on October 2, 2020. You can play it on Xbox One and PS4. The price for the game will be $59.99 / £59.99 / AU$99.95. In the titles below, we have mentioned some of the best features that are all set to get introduced in the game.

The Crate Escape

You can double-jump, spin, and belly flop with the latest version of Crash Bandicoot. Also, you will get more abilities that will be granted by the Quantum masks, as discussed earlier. You will also get various bonus levels for playing.

Crash Bandicoot 4, as discussed previously, is a sequel to the Crash Bandicoot trilogy. You will see the original villains, Dr. N. Tropy, Uka-Uka, and Dr. Neo Cortex, who will try to free themselves from their space-time prisons. While they try to free themselves, in the space-time continuum, a rift gets opened by them, which leads to huge chaos. And then Coco and Crash have to clean up all the mess. They have to find and return all the four Quantum masks to bring back everything in its place as before. You will get three different levels in Crash Bandicoot for playing. These levels will be Cortex Timeline, Dino Dash, and Snow Way Out.

Snow Way Out will make you feel like you are playing a previous version of the game but with a more serious makeover. You will feel like it has become better than ever, and it is still having all the classic abilities that were in the previous version. Now you will also see a circle that will indicate where the Crash will land so that you can easily come over to that platform. Along with all these, you will have a pleasant experience playing it, and you will feel surrounded by a more responsive and serious environment than ever.

New Timelines

This newly added feature will let you easily play in the form of other characters. The Crash Bandicoot 4 has added more story elements making the game more serious and entertaining at the same time.

Crash Bandicoot 4 introduces you to “Timelines,” which are new types of levels. With the help of these levels, you can play as another character in the game to check its abilities.

However, the game experience will not be as easy as it looks. It will be more challenging than it was previously in the trilogy. Yet the new features and characters will impress you, and you can choose from two different modes of gameplay: Modern and Retro. And you can play either as Crash or as Coco and also can choose from the above mentioned two different gameplay modes accordingly.


From all the details as mentioned above, one thing might have got cleared to you that the Toys for Bob has taken intense care in the creation of the Crash Bandicoot game. It will definitely impress fans, and many of them might already be waiting for the release of Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time to check what all it has to offer in its gameplay.

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