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Everything You Need to Know About Creative Hub

CreativeHub is one of the ideal services for creative workers. CreativeHub helps the digital creatives in sharing and selling their artwork and photographs over the internet. If you are among the ones who create digital artworks and want to share it with others on the web, CreativeHub is for you. It has a vast number of features to offer to the users like the AI-powered image search, the easy publishing of the work over the web, and the integrated printing and sales.

In this article, we will discuss CreativeHub in detail. You may follow the article, accordingly to know more about this cloud storage service.


CreativeHub is a cloud storage service that is particularly designed for digital creatives. The primary focus of this storage service is to store the images in the cloud storage. By storing your images on a cloud, you can easily share them with others. You can also search for any particular image with the help of CreativeHub’s intuitive way of searching.

It can show you the portfolio of the work done by you and can also track where your data is getting displayed on the web. You can also go for the free version of the Creative Hub to check if it works the way you want it to or not.

Pricing & Features

CreativeHub lets the users use all of its features for free in its free plan. It, however, limits the storage space the users will get in the free plan. CreativeHub gives you 5GB of storage space for use in its free plan. Once you are familiar with the service, you can go for the packages without thinking for the second time. You can go for 1 Terabyte of storage space for £8 that will be around $10. If you want 2 Terabytes of storage space, you will have to pay £16, and if you want to go for 3 Terabytes of storage space, you will have to pay £24. Basically, if you look at the pricing, it is £8 per terabyte.

CreativeHub will be the best service for you if you are looking to promote your work on the web. You can see the options like File sharing and File Commenting in Creativehub, which will let you work with others very efficiently. The service works very well on the web, handsets, and tablets. You can quickly check out where your images are getting used on the web.

You can easily create your work with a vast number of customization options you get. CreativeHub is by far the only service which helps you in building up an impressive visual portfolio of your work on the web. You also get an artificial intelligence search feature with the service, which can easily recognize what all is there in your photos or the artwork. You will not have to tag about all the details manually. The service is end-to-end carbon neutral, and it supports the World Land Trust with some part of the money from the user’s subscription. Also, it has a partnership with Shopify, so that you can directly sell your artwork on the web. Any file, be it an audio file, PDF, video, or any other text document, can be uploaded on CreativeHub very easily.


The files can easily be uploaded on the web window with the help of the drag and drop as well as individually or collectively getting picked up from the local disk. Creative Hub is not having an app for Android, iOS, PC, or Mac. However, the web app of the service is efficient and more than enough. This is because CreativeHub’s online interface gives an impressive performance, and the user can easily experience its speed and working abilities. It has features like editing, sorting, as well as AI-powered search which are enough for these kinds of services. Files can be split into different projects that can be very easily shared across the web. All these features make CreativeHub a simple, flexible, and straightforward service. You can access the web app of CreativeHub on almost every platform, and you will see it working efficiently on all the platforms.

Security & Privacy

Creative Hub offers an option of two-factor authentication as soon as you create your account. Having a two-factor authentication enabled on your account is the best way to secure your account and the data stored in it. However, you may find a lack of end-to-end encryption, undo feature to recover the deleted file, along with a lack of file versioning.


CreativeHub is a basic cloud storage service where you might not see advanced file management or any extraordinary way of syncing files. You will also not be getting any team management functionality. However, on the other hand, it is one of the best services for digital creatives who want a combined storage service with decent security, portfolio publishing, advanced search, and more. If you want to store, sell, or print your artwork on the web, Creative Hub will be the best option to opt for.

Source : Creative Hub
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