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Everything You Need to Know About Ring Central

Online collaborations are playing a lead role in today’s world for sharing information or discussing any vital topic. So, the employees must have hands on a fast, and reliable service to collaborate online. One of the most well-known software for online collaboration is RingCentral.

RingCentral is one of the best solutions for file sharing, video conferencing, and messaging. It comes in free as well as paid subscriptions. RingCentral offers an enhanced and fully integrated messaging app in both the free and paid plans. You get a standalone and a collaborative ecosystem in the service so that you can work in the desired environment. It provides you with comprehensive features, advanced office integration services, and a very intuitive interface for working. However, you may find it a bit more expensive than its competitors.

We have discussed all the titles related to it in the below-mentioned paragraphs to provide you with in-depth detail about it. You may check them to clarify the price details, it’s functioning, and why it stands out among other services.

RingCentral: Plans & Pricing

If you want to opt for Team messaging, you can go for Glip. It is available as both a standalone application and as part of the RingCentral Office plans. The RingCentral Office plans also include switchboard capabilities, business features, toll-free phone numbers, document sharing, unlimited USA/CA calls and SMS, and video conferencing,

If you opt for Glip as a standalone product, it will be free to use for the teams. In the standalone version, you will get unlimited storage, guest users, chat, teams, and integrations. Along with all this, you will get 500 minutes of screen sharing or video conferencing. Glip also provides Calendar app capabilities along with task management features.

You will get 1000 minutes of video for a month if you opt for the monthly plan of $5, which is specifically for one user only. Along with the video minutes, you get help and 24*7 support from the RingCentral team. The standalone app Glip and RingCentral Office app are almost similar; however, the RingCentral Office app also provides video conferencing and business phone solutions.

There are four categories of RingCentral Office available. You will find each type having an additional set of collaborative tools.

  • Essential Plan

The Essential plan comes at $19.99, which helps in collaborating with 20 users at a time. This plan is best for small businesses that are looking forward to having a basic collaboration along with some other essential lightweight services on phones. This package includes team messaging and all the other features, as mentioned above.

  • Standard Plan

The Standard plan comes at $24.99, and it has no limit on the number of users. However, with this plan’s help, video collaboration with up to 100 people can easily be done. This plan also provides integration services for the Microsoft 365 apps, Slack and G Suite. Along with all this, it also provides a 24/7 user support.

  • Premium Plan

The Premium plan comes at $34.99 and has a vast number of functions that are essentials for an enterprise. It offers real-time analytics, automatic call recording, eight-digit extensions, SSO, and many other features. It also offers integrations with software like Salesforce, Canvas, and any other popular CRMs.

  • Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan comes at $49.99. It provides you with all the features mentioned above and other features like device status reports, alerts, and unlimited storage.


RingCentral offers a wide number of features to help teams to complete their tasks efficiently. With the help of RingCentral, the users can be organized based on the required number of projects or teams. Each team will get its own environment for sharing files and messages. The files can be shared by drag and drop facility and from the integration with the DropBox, Office 365, G Suite, and many other facilities.

You can add a vast number of users as a guest for the projects so that they too can contribute to the project management. You will also get a task manager with the help of which tasks can be organized precisely. There are many other features with the help of which you can easily figure out the required files. You will get the video conferencing capabilities with both: the standalone and the RingCentral Office applications that will help you to share files, chat face-to-face, and send messages. Zoom powers the video conferencing feature of this service, so the interface may look familiar to you if you have used Zoom earlier.

RingCentral service can be accessed through dedicated applications for different platforms like macOS, Windows, iOS/iPadOS, and Android. It can be accessed through a web browser as well.

Security and Support

You will see a lack of support for the free Glip plan; however, you can interact with various FAQs mentioned on the website to find out the solution to your problem. You can also communicate directly with the community support section and ask questions from other users to get an answer to your query. If you want to inquire about sales and product queries, you can use the chat feature present on the website.

The Standard plan of Glip and all the plans of the RingCentral Office gives you a 24*7 phone and chat support. They also provide you with access to a vast number of video tutorials and guidance from the RingCentral University, on how to get started, how to tackle up with the obstacles, and much more.

RingCentral offers SRTP and TLS encryption between the endpoints, to provide high-end data security to the users. It’s also a McAfee and HITRUST certified service and has gone through the external auditing process to achieve maximum security and data integrity ratings.


In total, RingCentral is an excellent solution for collaboration and communication. Even though you may find it a bit more expensive than its competitors, it certainly has more features than expected, which makes it a value for money service.

Source : Ring Central
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