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Everything you Need to Know Before Buying Crochet Hair

A wide variety of protective designs are available this season. Crochet braids are a hot new trend that you should check out.

Crochet hair is not synonymous with box braids or cornrows, despite what you may have heard. Using a crochet needle, you may add extensions to your cornrows in the form of crochet braids. According to the source, the hair is braided back, and a needle is used to stitch on hair extensions, similar to a sew-in.

According to Unruly, you may braid your hair with whatever sort of extensions you choose. The list of possible hairstyles, according to the publication, is unlimited.

What makes this look even better is that you can make it yourself! Paying a stylist hundreds of dollars is not necessary. And since this style doesn’t need heat or a lot of care, you never had to go to a salon. In addition, the methods to get this look are straightforward.

Crochet Braids: What Are They?

It’s common to employ Crochet hair, also known as latch hook braiding, to add length to one’s hair and protect it from damage. Hair extensions are connected to a cornrowed hair foundation, which keeps the look in place. 

Experts explain this “The ‘looping technique’ is used to connect textured extensions to the cornrows. Compared to using conventional braids, this approach takes far less time to get the same look.”

Crochet braids: how to put them in place

The first step in putting this style in is braiding your hair back, just as with a sew-in. Remember to oil your scalp after it’s braided to keep it hydrated. You still need to maintain crochet braids to keep your hair in good condition.

The crochet hook is the next logical step to take! In the beginning, it may be difficult if you’ve never used one before, but you’ll get the hang of it in no time! You have to hook the crochet hook beneath the cornrow. According to the publication, the next step is to attach the hair extension by hooking one side. Once the first part is in place, draw the second half through the loop to make a knot, according to Ipsy. Once your hair is done, repeat the procedure!

Crochet hair may be done in the hair salon if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself. In addition to protecting your hair from sun and heat damage, this style is also affordable and long-lasting. It isn’t easy to imagine a more appealing aesthetic than this.

A Look at the Advantages of Crochet Braiding

It’s simple to maintain crochet braids, and they protect your hair from heat styling and excessive style. Those attempting to wean themselves off of muscle relaxants may find this technique particularly useful. “They are fast to install, simple to maintain, and typically affordable,” says Groover, citing just a few advantages. When compared to natural hair extensions, this is especially true. While “breathable,” Gatlin points out, the style allows hair “easier cleansing on your scalp.” According to her, Crochet hair extensions may be done at a home fraction of the time and expense of typical hair extension procedures.

Crochet Braids of Various Styles

All hair types and lengths may benefit from crochet styles. Crochet hairstyles are a favorite among transitioners because they let you avoid dealing with two distinct types of hair as it grows out. Relaxed ladies may use it to get a sense of what their natural hair might look like if that’s a long-term desire. You can buy Best shampoo and conditioner for your hair. The relative simplicity with which crochet braids may be installed is one of the many reasons for their popularity. Because it uses fewer packets of hair than box braids, it’s a more affordable style choice. 

In terms of crochet braids, you may choose from a variety of styles, such as:

  • You may get a natural-looking twist out with this crochet technique.
  • Crochet hair box braids: Pre-braided hair may be purchased and installed instead of waiting for hours getting braids.
  • To produce Senegalese twists in crochet, you’ll need Kanekalon hair with a smooth, defined appearance.
  • Using Havana twists on your crochet hook will produce more significant twists. Compared to your Senegalese style, they’re approximately twice as wide.
  • Natural-looking, big-haired water waves with plenty of curl definition are all about water waves.

Crochet Hair Purchasing Guide

Crochet hairstyles dominate our social media feeds, and there is no indication of them going away anytime soon. So whether you’re a newbie or just looking for some new style ideas, keep reading.

Crochet hair, in our opinion, is a gift from the angel of beauty. Unlike other techniques and protective styles, these extensions are not only convenient and wallet-friendly, but they also install very quickly. A crochet needle and pre-styled extensions are sewed into cornrowed hair for a whole new popping look for the uninitiated in a matter of minutes.

It’s tough to know where to begin when making a regular trip to a beauty supply store or shopping online because of the many options. Check out our complete guide on purchasing crochet hair if you’re new to crochet or want to make an educated decision when purchasing protective style extensions.

  • Is the hair on your head made of real human beings or artificial?

To begin, you must choose between human and synthetic crochet extensions. Human hair is more costly and more challenging to attach for obvious reasons because of its smoother texture. Synthetic crochet extensions are increasingly popular since they are more affordable, offer a more comprehensive range of styles and colors, and are easier to apply because they grasp the hair tightly. Invest in pre-looped, pre-twisted, or pre-braided hair for a faster and more efficient hair installation and styling process. You can buy Best shampoo and conditioner for your hair. 

  • How many packs do you need to cover your whole head?

There’s nothing worse than discovering that you don’t have enough hair amid a new installation: It’s preferable to have additional hair on hand for touch-ups than to make a fast trip to your local beauty supply shop in the middle of the application. However, if you’re looking for a protective crochet style, we recommend ordering seven to eight packets.

  • For how long are you planning to wear your extensions?

Crochet hairstyles look just as fresh after a week as they do after a week when worn separately, such as braids and double-stranded twists. You may get creative by crocheting lengthy double-stranded twists and then untwisting them after a few weeks. A huge curly Afro may be achieved by wearing your hair loose. Those who value style durability and prefer to change their appearance often might choose crochet extensions since they provide this level of adaptability.

  • Size is important (and that includes length, too)

Styles for Crochet hair hair extensions are as varied as the people who use them!. The alternatives are almost endless, from pencil-thin twists and gigantic double-twisted braids to short coily braids. Even while it may not seem like a big deal, the length and volume of your hair significantly influence the final appearance. For example, if you’re not a lover of substantial statement-making hair, big braids may be too much. Hair extensions 18 inches long are unnecessary since much of it will be clipped off while styling a short bob. Before ordering your extensions, we recommend making a mood board of your favorite styles so that you can easily create the appearance you wish.

Final Thoughts

Finally, while wearing Crochet hair, think about the final style and texture you want. As a current trend, double-twisted hairstyles are available in a silky smooth and rougher texture, giving the hair a more natural, worn-in appearance. You may also go for fake locs or box braids, which seem like individual braids but are double-stranded twists. When it comes to crochet, the choices are practically endless.

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