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Exploring The Ghats of Varanasi

About Varanasi

Varanasi is the center of faith for all Hindus across the globe. It’s a pilgrim spot, everyone who wants to explore more about Hinduism comes to this city. Visiting this beautiful town, you can literally feel connected to the creator. It’s said when God decided to come to earth they choose Varanasi to live. This is one of the oldest towns known to humans. However, Varanasi is also known for harmony and diversity. Local here are people who belong to different faiths. Diversity exists in the word Hindu, it just asks you as a human to choose a simple way of living.

There is a lot to explore in the city with temples, ancient structures, food, and people of the city. Kashi Vishwanath Temple is the most popular tourist attraction in the city. This temple attracts devotees from all around the globe. Still, if you come to the city as a tourist Ghats and Arti will attract you the most. Being present at Ganga Arti is an experience that cannot be demanded anywhere else in the world. Exploring the Ghats of Varanasi with taxi service in Varanasi is the best mode of traveling in the city.   

Exploring The Ghats of Varanasi

Taking a dip in Ganga is one of the holiest things to do and lakhs of devotees do it every day. In Hindu mythology, it is believed that taking bath at Ganga will take away all sins. Death in Varanasi is considered a blessing for pilgrims and devotees. Firstly, this shows the importance of the place for Hindus. Secondly, the city is the way to attain Mukti (Breaking Cycle of Life) and continuing your journey to heaven.

Exploring the Ghats of Varanasi is the finest activity you can do when you are in the city. Tourists can explore many temples, ashrams, and other activities along the Ghats. The scenic view in Varanasi is also very famous. For instance, tourists can enjoy excellent morning and evening views during sunrise and sunset. Capture some beautiful moments with family and friends during your visit to Varanasi. Certainly, the boat ride is also famous. Visitors can enjoy views of various ghats through the boat. Some amazing pictures can also be captured during the boat ride. The City of Varanasi has around 88 Ghats for the devotees but we will rank top 5 here. Exploring Ghats in Varanasi for you to travel to are listed below.

Ghat In Varanasi For Arti

Dasaswamedh Ghat – Certainly, this is the place which you visit for an unforgiving experience. This is the busiest ghat in Varanasi where thousands gather to watch spectacular Ganga Arti. It’s said that Lord Brahma sacrifices 10 horses for Lord Shiva to return from banishment. This ghat is the oldest and the holiest among all others in Varanasi. Located near to Kashi Vishwanath Temple gives this place special importance among tourists and pilgrims.

Southernmost Ghat  

Assi Ghat – Undoubtedly one of the most famous Ghats of Varanasi which attracts the bulk of tourists. This Ghat is situated at the junction where Ganga and Assi River meet. Assi Ghat is also the southernmost Ghat of the city. Ghat is also referred to as ‘Saimbeda Tirtha’. Goddess Durga created this ghat. When she threw her sword and it fell on earth. That sword created an impact on earth creating a stream known as the Assi river.

Crematory Ghat

Manikarnika Ghat – It is also among one of the oldest and sacred ghats in Varanasi. It said that if any Hindu is cremated here he/she can break the life cycle and attain ‘Mukti’. It’s not a highly recommended tourist attraction but surely fascinating for a visit. This place makes everybody realize the value and importance of life. It teaches you death is inevitable and everything must come to an end. Manikarnika Ghat has left a lifelong impact on the hearts and minds of many people. Above all, it also has high importance for Hindus who want to come here, stay in an ashram, and die in peace.

Ghats For Photographers

Darbhanga Ghat – This ghat provides its visitors with an amazing view to enjoy. Darbhanga Ghat is named after a royal palace that has now been turned into a hotel. The royal family of Bihar built the palace in the early 1900s. If you want to capture some amazing pictures of sunrise and sunset do this ghat.

Man Mandir Ghat – This is another ghat that provides a great picturesque view to its visitors. In other words, while exploring the ghats of Varanasi you should definitely visit one. Tourists here can encounter some exotic Rajput architecture. Raja Man Singh built the palace on this in the 17 century. An observatory was also built-in 1730 which is still open to the public. This place provides its visitors with some amazing views of the Ganga.

How to Reach Varanasi (From within State)

Allahabad – Modern-day Prayagraj is just 120 Km away from the holy city of Varanasi. It takes around 180 minutes from Prayagraj to reach Varanasi. The city of Allahabad is a popular tourist attraction in Uttar Pradesh. Therefore, visitors often travel to Varanasi from Allahabad. Book taxi service in Allahabad for a hassle-free ride with an experienced driver and sanitized cab.

Lucknow – There are lots of tourists who travel from Lucknow to Varanasi on daily basis. The capital city has one of the major airports and stations. Therefore, it makes it easy for the pilgrim to visit Lucknow first and then travel to Varanasi. From “The City of Nawabs” to “Holiest City In India” book a taxi service in Lucknow for an exciting, comfortable ride and explore the Ghats of Varanasi. Local from Lucknow also travel to Varanasi frequently for their pilgrim tour.

Kanpur – The industrial city of Uttar Pradesh is just 350 Km and 7 hours, driver, away from Varanasi. There are many Hindu devotees in the city who travel to Varanasi every year. Taxi service in Kanpur is affordable and is used by many tourists every year. Bharat Taxi assures experienced drivers and sanitizes cabs for passengers’ safe journey.

How to Reach Varanasi (From Outside State)

Patna – Firstly, capital of Bihar and a place which attracts tourists from all faints. This city has special relevance to devotees from Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism. Tourist who comes to Patna tries to visit Varanasi too. Just 250 Km of traveling which takes around 7 hours of driving to reach the oldest city in the world. Book a taxi service in Patna for a smooth ride from Patna to Varanasi.

Ranchi – Likewise, another state and in close proximity with the holy city of Varanasi. Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand and has lots of Hindu devotees. If you want to travel to Varanasi, firstly book a cab from Bharat Taxi. If you want to go on a long drive choose Varanasi as your destination. Ranchi to Varanasi is approximately 425 Km and takes around 9 hours of driving. Book taxi service in Ranchi from Bharat Taxi and we will provide you with the most experienced drivers.

Therefore, Varanasi is a must-visit for everybody of all faith and religion. This city is the symbol of peace and prosperity. This city has seen we as human grow and develop. Life of many famous personalities has changed visiting this city. This is a place that will provide you with experience found nowhere else on earth. Visit the temple, Arti, take a dip at Ganga, and enjoy your trip to the “Holy City Of Varanasi”. In conclusion, visit Varanasi city made for Gods.

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