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Face Yoga for Glowing Skin

What all of us do not do anything to make the face beautiful from outside. Through yoga, the skin can be made beautiful from inside. Do face yoga to bring attractive aura on the face
To make the body healthy and fit, it is very important to include yoga in your daily routine. Regular yoga practice keeps the body healthy and fit. Here you can find out Mcdvoice

However, yoga is not only beneficial for the body but also for the skin. A healthy skin glows and looks different from the rest.

The secret of glowing and glowing skin of big actors and actresses is – Yoga. Through regular yoga practice along with a balanced diet, you too can have beautiful and glowing skin like these celebrities.

Different yoga kriyas are practiced for each part of the body. Similarly, face yoga kriyas are practiced to keep the facial skin healthy.

So let’s know, what is facial yoga, its importance and some effective facial yoga exercises.

What is face yoga?

Face Yoga is mainly called the exercise of the face. It is not like other yogasanas and kriyas because its center is on the skin of the face.

Face yoga is done to tone the face and by doing this the aging process of the skin slows down and it glows. It increases blood circulation in the skin and also helps in flushing out toxins from the body.

Why is face yoga important?

In today’s hectic lifestyle people are living under extreme stress.

Its effect is clearly visible on their skin. Due to aging and lack of care, the problem of fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and skin dullness becomes common in the skin.

Due to excessive stress and anxiety, the skin has to face these problems even at a young age. The health of the skin also deteriorates due to continuous watching of TV and phone screen.

However, all these things are part of our daily routine and it is difficult to run away from them. The best solution for this is to nourish the skin from within which can be possible only through yoga.

By doing face yoga or face exercise, the blood flow in the skin smoothly and the skin gets sufficient amount of oxygen. Apart from this, regular yoga practice reduces wrinkles in the skin, which makes the skin look young and glowing. the gamer anime

10 Effective Face Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin

If you too are looking for natural remedies to get glowing skin, then nothing can be better than face yoga for this task.

That’s why let’s know about 10 effective face yoga exercises, the practice of which will make your skin look beautiful and glowing and stay healthy and healthy.

1. Fish Lips

This face exercise can help you a lot in getting glowing skin. This exercise affects your cheeks as well as your jaws.

To do this, first of all, close your lips. Then try sucking on your cheeks with closed lips. While maintaining your posture, try to smile from the outer corners of your lips. It can be a bit daunting but can be achieved.

Maintain this posture for 10 seconds and then repeat again, taking a short break.

2. kiss lips

This face exercise is as easy as it is effective. To do this exercise, first make your mouth as if you are kissing a person.

Next, make a similar pose as you pout for a selfie. Smile as much as you can while pouting.

Remain in this position for 10 seconds. You can repeat this exercise 4 times a day.

3. The “V” Exercise

This exercise is effective in slowing down the aging process of your skin. This is a very simple exercise through which you can reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

To do this, press both the middle fingers on the inner corner of your eyebrows. Then using the index finger, apply pressure to the outer corner of your brows.

Now facing upwards, lift the lower eyelids. Maintain this posture for some time then relax. Try to repeat this process at least 6 times.

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4. Facial Massage

Massaging the face increases the blood flow to the skin and the skin starts glowing naturally. Facial massage is a great way to get glowing skin. To do this, gently rub your face with your hands.

Also, with your index finger, massage the areas around your eyes and forehead. Next, gently stretch the skin around your eyebrows with your index finger. Repeat this exercise 10 times a day for best results.

5. Oral Yoga

These easy-to-mouth exercises promote blood circulation to your skin and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Mouth exercises include sucking the fingers, sticking out the tongue and enlarging the mouth, the method of which is described next.

1. By doing this exercise the lips are massaged and it helps in making the skin around the lips healthy and beautiful.

To do this, try sucking on your fingers for 2 to 3 minutes, similar to the way babies suck their fingers. After taking a short break, repeat this process again 10 times.

2. By doing this exercise, your face gets a wonderful glow and it tones the muscles.

To do this, try to open your mouth as much as possible and maintain the mouth in this posture for at least 10 to 15 seconds. Then come back to normal position.

3. To do this exercise, try to open your mouth as wide as possible and then put your tongue out with force.

Remain in this position for 15 seconds and then return to the normal position. You repeat this exercise 8 to 10 times.

6. Eyebrow Exercises

This exercise is very effective in toning the stress lines visible on the frontal and facial muscles. Eyebrow exercises can be done in many ways. Let’s know how to do the exercise of eyebrows – Tellthebell

  • Pull your eyebrows upward with your index finger. Now raise your eyebrows upwards and slowly lower the fingers. Do this every day, 3 to 4 times a day, for 5 seconds.
  • The second exercise is quite simple. Raise your eyebrows as high as you can. Remain in that posture for a few seconds and then return to the normal position.
  • To do this exercise, first of all, both the eyebrows should be pulled towards each other. Now pull your eyebrows up as high as you can and try to widen the eyes. Take a break for a few moments and repeat this exercise 5 more times.

7. Eye Yoga

Many times, due to excessive joints on the eyes, aging lines start appearing around the eyes. To remove them and avoid dullness due to aging, you can practice these eye exercises-

  • Keeping your two fingers on either side of your head, continuously open and close your eyes. Take a short break and repeat this process for at least 5 times.
  • To do the second exercise, first sit in a relaxed posture. Now close your eyes and try to look up and down. You repeat this for 10 to 12 seconds. Then repeat this process at least 5 times by taking a short break.
  • To do this exercise, keep your head straight. Now move the pupils of your eyes up and down. Repeat this process 10 times, then move the pupils of the eyes left and right and repeat this also 10 times.

8. Whistler Face Yoga

This exercise is used to tone the muscles of your face. To do this, first make the shape of your mouth as if you are playing the city. Smile as much as possible, keeping your mouth in an “O” shape.

Remain in this position for 10 seconds and then return to the normal position. Repeat the described process 3 times.

Now try to smile by keeping your mouth in the shape of an “O”. Lower your cheek muscles up and down 12 times. Come back to normal position. You can repeat this exercise 4 times a day.

9. Yogic Breathing

Yoga is incomplete without breathing exercises. Yogic breathing is very important to rid the face of pervasive toxins. For this you can practice Kapalbhati or Anulom-Vilom.

Apart from this, you can take long breaths with your eyes closed. First of all, fill as much air in your lungs as possible, that is, take deep and long breaths. Try to hold the breath for some time and then slowly release the breath.

10. “Om” Chanting

Chanting Om relieves stress and eliminates stress lines, thereby bringing out the inner aura of the skin.

It’s very easy to do. To do this, first of all sit in a quiet place in Sukhasana or Padmasana. Now close your eyes, try to focus between your eyes and take deep breaths. Mystic Messenger email guide

Slowly exhale while chanting the word Om. Again repeat this process 4-5 times.

Beest time to do face yoga

Like other exercises and Sahaja Yoga Kriyas, face yoga can be done at any time of the day.

However, the results of face yoga are best only when it is done immediately after waking up in the morning. After waking up in the morning, our skin looks lifeless and full of stress.

By doing face yoga, the skin gets a good massage, due to which the skin gets refreshed. This brings glow on the face and the skin tightened throughout the night looks healthy and awake again.

Before doing face yoga in the morning, it is important to take care that your hands are clean. Practicing face yoga with dirty hands can lead to skin infections, irritation and acne.

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