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Features and Cost of the Restaurant Reservation Software Development

When all of us are going digital with the time, and multiple platforms ruling the world recently, it is common to have table booking apps and online Restaurant Table Booking Software. They are perfectly fulfilling the changing and evolving demand of users worldwide, and hence; numerous firms are joining this field.

By adapting the way of online restaurant reservation software, they streamline the operations related to restaurants like real-time table booking, online reservations, booking and waiting list management accessible via any device. 

How is this Restaurant Reservation Software Development Profitable?

Here are the benefits that owners, customers, and staff are getting via reservation software-

For Business owners: 

The idea of Busy Nights

It provides a better idea about how busy will be their night as per the previous records. Even if there are low numbers of reservations, the owner will still have sufficient time to market themselves with unique ideas on social media accounts.

Always Prepares the Hotel Staff

If the Online Restaurant Booking system shows that it will be packed tonight, then, kitchen staff and chefs have a warning and should be prepared for the coming rush.

For Customers

Decrease the Long Waiting Time

It makes the customer’s dining experience more enjoyable and convenient by reducing their waiting time. You can update their check-in time on the software, and it will keep them close to that time and hence, they don’t have to wait for a longer time. 

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More Facilities

Customers can use the software for booking 24*7, not in just working hours. It also permits them to read the reviews easily from the restaurants, and they can compare their prices.

Amazing Features of Online Restaurant Booking System

Check out these wonderful and must-have features:

  • Gift cards to regular users
  • Reward payments
  • History of bookings
  • Find and explore
  • Online payment system
  • Gain the portal access
  • Customer rewards 
  • Handle restaurant reservation

User App Panel:

  • Smooth sign-up or sign-in process
  • Browse through restaurant
  • Restaurant search results
  • Make booking
  • Private dining request
  • Add to favourites
  • View reservations
  • preferences

Admin Panel:

  • Revenue optimization
  • Table management
  • Payment method
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Voucher system

Restaurant App:

  • Sign up process
  • Choose a membership plan
  • Update personal pieces of information
  • Update the restaurant details
  • Make payment 
  • Floor plan
  • Submit listing
  • Reservation management 
  • Schedule the booking
  • Shift overview
  • Diner-book  

Complete Cost Estimation of Restaurant Reservation System Development 

The reasonable cost of Online Restaurant Reservation System development will range from $10,000 to $25,000 for a basic level application. It can reach up to $35,000 for a feature-rich application. 


This post includes the necessary information about Restaurant Reservation System Development comprising its features and estimated development cost. Keep in mind all these stated above. We know that the digital world is widening its wings and exploring more fields day-by-day, so it is important to cope with it and make your venture suitable to it. It will be helpful and profitable for both to grow your business.
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