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Final Fantasy 14: New Patch Update to be launched next month

Final Fantasy 14: New Patch Update to be launched next month

In a long-awaited virtual announcement, the makers of Final Fantasy finally released a new update schedule. Final Fantasy 14 was going to get its patch update 5.3 on 16th June. But due to the global pandemic, the production department faced multiple challenges in getting things going, much like the rest of us. That’s old news now, since developers, Square Enix (previously known as ‘Square’), have released a new schedule, and the game will receive a patch update in August.

On the official forum of the game, the company released a “Letter from the Producer.” Naoki Yoshida, the director, and producer of Final Fantasy XIV apologized to fans for the delay in releasing the patch update. He explained the challenges faced by the different teams involved with the release of the upgrade, as the world came to a standstill in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Patch 5.3- Reflections in Crystal, will contain significant fixes

As noted by the director as well, there were essential improvements required, without which the update wouldn’t have benefitted the players. Mr. Yoshida said they were trying everything in their power to release the update in July. Still, the testing team required more time to “debug the next alliance raid of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse” entirely and thoroughly. A QA Testing team of such a colossal franchise requires ample space and proper equipment to perform their jobs well. Or at all for some. And thus, the testing was the main issue faced while getting things running amidst the pandemic.

But now, everything’s back on track

The makers have developed a work-from-home network, and are slowly returning to normal on the schedule front. Patch 5.3 is now going to release on 11th August, and subsequently, the old schedule of an update every three and half months will be followed. With the world turned upside down, this news brings a semblance of normalcy to the fans.

The delay will still have after-effects

Mr. Yoshida also wrote about the setback this two-month period had put them through. The recovery from the loss of the delay will never be complete, he noted. The schedule, after that, cannot be accelerated without compromising on content. Like most of the enterprises around, Square Enix has also felt the heavy burden of this unprecedented global phenomenon.

But Mr. Yoshida further added that this shouldn’t be considered a loss since the team behind the project can now work from both the office and their homes with equal efficiency. And he added a glimpse of what the future might be for the patches to come and the expansion they have planned.

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