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Find out the Top Reasons your Clients Miss Appointments at your Veterinary Clinic and Learn How to Avoid Them!

Appointments at your Veterinary Clinic

Clients often miss veterinarian visits, procedures, or observation of their animals. In addition to the fact that they can cause serious health problems for your patient. They also mean losses for the clinic and other patients that can be seen in the “free” time frame.

When you are a service provider, time is literally money. That is, if you do not “provide” your services within that time frame, you will never do it again. These situations can be a big headache for veterinarians and clinic managers. Since, in addition to financial losses, missing medical appointments makes it very difficult to manage the demand for your services and control the patient agenda. their employees.

Unorganized clients

When a client is disorganized, they often make multiple appointments on the same day and time. As they don’t manage their schedule or check out already scheduled appointments. Conflicting scheduling means he does not come to any of the appointments, and this appointment is often veterinary.

We cannot make clients more organized, but we can help them discreetly check if they have an appointment when we propose a date and time for a meeting.

Train the administrator to use phrases such as “Have you already made an appointment for XX / XX, at X o’clock?” creates a trigger for the client to validate their schedule and make sure the suggested time is free. Check this for more details at vetomate.


There are no no-show costs

It is almost impossible to apply any penalties, especially financial ones. For a client being late for an appointment. Thus, the overwhelming majority of clients not only do not appear. But also do not notice in advance that they will not be there. In this case. The solution is to explain verbally and in writing to all clients of your veterinary clinic’s scheduling policy. Establish rules, or at least make it clear that the client needs to be notified in advance of their absence. As this allows them to see another patient with you.

Not knowing the importance of veterinary medical supervision

A client who lacks return visits is one who, most of the time. Does not understand the importance of this observation in addressing your pet’s health problem. When you notice an improvement in your pet’s condition after the first consultation and start taking medication. You think that monitoring is no longer necessary.

This is almost always caused by a lack of communication between the veterinarian and his client. It is the responsibility of the veterinarian to inform his client of the importance of follow-up attendance. So he must make it clear to owners during consultation or procedure that monitoring. The development of the animal’s condition is essential for its full recovery and that this absence can cause irreversible complications.


Often the client intends to go to the appointment. But unforeseen circumstances arise that prevent him from coming to the appointment. These situations are caused by factors beyond the control of the client and are therefore the most understandable of all reasons for default.

However, to try to minimize your losses, advise your clients to communicate whenever it is impossible to arrive, even if there is an hour or an hour and a half left before the appointed time. This way, you can anticipate service to owners who are already in the lounge and try to accommodate new requests by the end of the day.

Delayed veterinary consultation

It is not uncommon for a client to come to the clinic to be examined, and due to the delay in service, he simply gets up and leaves, not least because he has other appointments.

This is due to the appointment being scheduled for a specific time, but due to some lack of internal organization or predictability of the processes in the clinic, delays occur and the visit occurs several hours later, leaving a crowded waiting room.

This type of absence is the responsibility of a veterinarian who does not manage his schedule properly, and one way to reduce this phenomenon is to start better organizing your schedule and better controlling the length of your visits so that they always end. within a preset range. To minimize this situation, it is important to know how to properly manage your time and how long the meeting lasts on average.

Forgetting the commitment

Certainly the main reason for not showing up for appointments is memory lapses. The busy routine causes many customers to forget the appointment, or to remember very quickly, when they are unable to attend.

This problem can be easily controlled by creating the habit of reminding the customer the day before the appointment. In addition to reminding you of the appointment, it would be interesting to ask for confirmation of your attendance. This can be done in two ways: telephone contact or sending SMS.

The disadvantage of telephone contact is that often the customer does not answer the phone at first and this requires that their employees spend some time trying to be able to speak to the customer. On the other hand, an SMS can be scheduled to be sent, the cost is reduced and the customer is free to read and respond to the message whenever and wherever he wants.
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