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Food Hygiene Level 2 Courses Online

Food Hygiene Level Courses

Food Hygiene Certificate Level 3 is suitable for owners, managers and supervisors. This is the most reputable online food hygiene course an establishment can take. Topics covered include Food Poisoning and Foodborne Infections, Food Hygiene Law, Design of Food Premises and Risk Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

Food hygiene regulations recommend that at least one person be trained in food safety and hygiene. 3 Especially supervisors and other staff trainers.

The Open and Distance Learning Quality Council and the EHO have approved 3 level food hygiene courses. Local authorities accept this certificate. The presence of the Food Safety and Hygiene Certificate in front of the Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) clearly shows that the owner of the establishment is fully aware of his responsibility and obligation regarding safe food handling legislation. , While serving members of the public. Especially the ability to supervise and train other staff members who are going to handle or serve food to the public. If you are not a manager or supervisor, see Level 2 of Food Hygiene.

Health and Safety Courses

Health and Safety Online Courses

Health and Safety Level 3 Courses

Food Hygiene Courses

Food Hygiene Online Courses

Food Hygiene Level 3 Courses

Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Level 3 Courses

Food Safety Online Courses

HACCP Online Courses
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