Foods That Bad for Erectile Dysfunction

Diet has direct impact on health of a male. A healthy male will have better energy levels, better stamina and a healthy sexual life. A poor diet increases chances of lifestyle diseases , which in turn lead to erectile dysfunction by reducing efficiency of heart to pump blood sufficiently .

Erectile dysfunction occurs when blood circulation is poor in the body. The male cannot get the blood into spongy tissue of the organ for an erection. It is considered a common problem in males over age of 40. At least 50 percent males in America suffer from erectile issue in age group 50-65. The percent increases with increase in age group.  Medical experts have observed that males who rely on Levitra 10 mg to boost erection often take heavy fatty oily food. Let us discuss in detail the food that causes erectile dysfunction in males.

Fry foods

Deep fried foods with a lot of oil are the first enemy of a healthy heart. It is the oil used for deep frying that is responsible for poor health. The worst is fry items ordered from hotels and restaurants. These takeaway places use partially oil high in Tran’s fat. The same oil is heated several times in a day to keep the cost down.

The same overheated and repeatedly heated oil becomes one of the unhealthiest foods for heart. It causes coronary diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular issues and cholesterol problem. The end result is reduction in blood flow in the body, which is base for a health erection.

Canned processed food

Canned food is a worse food for a healthy heart. Not only canned food contains salts and preservatives; it also has bisphenol –A. it is a chemical that is in plastic containers, water bottles and cans used for foods. Once this chemical goes inside the body, it mimics the estrogen. The body also reacts to it like it reacts to estrogen in the body.

Increases in estrange in the body reduces sperm quality, increases chances of enlarged prostate and low libido, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Excess alcohol

Alcohol acts as depressants and damager to blood vessels. Not only it dampens mood, but reduces the efficiency of blood vessels to support flow towards the male organ. Limit consumption might increase blood flow, but the chances of excess consumption always remain there. Excess alcohol damages the health of liver, which leads to complications when erectile medicines are used for quick erection.

Medical experts have observed that males with excess consumption are at greater risk of erectile dysfunction.  Alcohol also reduces the efficiency of Cialis 60 mg online a higher dose for severe erection issues. Doctors always caution use of alcohol or smoking with the ED dose.

A person who consumes alcohol also smokes with it. It further enhances the adverse impact on erection process. The nicotine in smoke directly creates plaque in blood vessels.  A weaker heart reduces the blood supply, which directly impacts vital functions of the body including erection.

Red meat

Red meat is enemy of heart and anything that is enemy of heart cannot support a healthy erection. Red meat is high in animal fat, which blocks arteries. It causes heart diseases and reduces the blood flow in the body. The net result is poor blood circulation in the pelvic area that causes erectile dysfunction.

It is a healthy option to switch to fish as a non-vegetarian item. Omega -3 fatty acid in fish oil boosts blood circulation. It removes any obstruction to blood flow. In fact those who consume fish find less need for 200 mg Sildenafil citrate a higher dose doctors prescribe for severe erection difficulty. In fact, fish serving thrice a week is enough to keep blood vessels and heart in a health state.

For meat lovers, chicken or turkey are better options than red meat. In some countries red meat is beef, while in some countries red meat means goat or lamp meat. Whatever it is, reduce its consumption and increase chicken, turkey or lamp consumption.

The quantity and frequency of junk food, alcohol, smoking and bad food for erectile dysfunction will determine the emergence of erectile dysfunction. A male using higher dose can reduce the severity of the erection issue by switching to better options. In some cases, take the early erectile problem as warning sign to reverse the bad food habits.

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