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Forget Blinds and Drapes: 7 Better Ways to Dress Up Your Windows

Traditional window coverings such as curtains, blinds, and drapes are so overrated. Hence, some people are discovering a better way to decorate windows. Plus, we all want to embellish something that is not just pretty to look at but also injects their personalities into their very own spaces. Not to mention, you are also saving money by creating an alternative window treatment that doesn’t have to be something you purchase from a store. 

So, today, we challenge you to ditch the ordinariness in order to embrace the unorthodoxy when it comes to designing your windows. Check out our favourite DIY window treatments below:


A Lacey Dress Up

Here’s a genius project that DIYers will all love. Just make sure to gather all the unused laces you have at home. For this treatment, you will be needing lace screens, scissors, and cornstarch paste. Apply the lace screen directly to a sliding window glass with a cornstarch paste. This way, you get to enjoy both privacy and natural light in your space. Since you can completely and easily remove this treatment by washing the attached lace screen with warm water, this project serves as a boon to real estate renters. So, what’s the verdict? We say it’s quick, economical, and low-commitment! 

Ribbon Garland   

For homeowners who want to bring out the creativity right from their hands, this drape that is basically made of ribbon is a great idea. Simply knot a selection of ribbons into a dowel or cord in order to form a light and fancy window garland. You can mix different colours and patterns or stick to a certain shade to create a monochromatic statement. Of course, the length of your ribbons is completely customisable.

Rustic Pallet Boards 

It’s time to repurpose the old pallet boards that you left sitting around the backyard, waiting for you to put them back to work. Instead of throwing unused pallet boards, try to give them a new task in the house. These heat-treated woods can be made useful when salvaged into an impressive vertical blind. This project is perfect if you want to embellish a truly rustic look at home. Hang the pallet boards around a dowel by using curtain rings. Drill a small hole in each board head to attach the curtain rings and slide the slats so you can open the blinds in the morning and close them at night. 

Vibrant Faux-Stained Glass

Pop a color to any dull room with faux-stained glass windows. This treatment filters the light in a colourful and unorthodox way. Either you purchase faux-stained glass or customize your own if you have unused pieces at home. Prepare a number of glass pieces in different sizes, some lead adhesive strips, and glass paint that ranges in different fun colours. Make sure the glass puzzle fits the measurement of the window you’re trying to dress up. Paint each glass piece and let dry. Finally, arrange the glass pieces to form an exact window shape with adhesive strips. Attach to the glass window pane.

Farm-Style Wood Screen

Consider skipping blinds and curtains for large bay windows by opting for a rustic wood screen. This project is easy to replicate if you have unused bed slats or tongue-and-groove pine boards at home. Customise the wood to fit the window. If you want to achieve a window treatment that’s inspired by a farm-style gate, trick out the wood with distressed paint and attach rustic barn doors. Do not forget to connect slat boards with hinges for better light control.  

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