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FrSky Transmitter X9E Reviewed by Udo

I was searching for a new frsky transmitter which should fulfill some features i had missed since my beginning of RC modelsport. My focus is on scale glider and some F3b competion models, and i wished to have more possibilities in mixer configurations than the usual, predefined menues from mid-priced transmitter gave to me. So i read all the flagship-tx manuals from well known manufacturer, tried some configuration software, but no solution was capable to satisfy my personal needs. By chance i read in a forum about the principle of “channel driven” programming of Taranis frsky transmitter without the limits of hard-coded mixer configuration. The frsky transmitter X9e would be the right choice for me because of the tray design and the (extendable) number of switches.

Surprisingly you could download a config tool named companion for programming the model by using your PC . Two hours after starting it was like you’ve lived in a cave for a long time and suddenly standing in the centre of times square, thanks to OPENTX ! Because of the stringent “input-process-output” principle, the freedome to create own mixers on every channel, and a little bit “spreadsheet” like logic, it was an easy going to create a simple “four flap glider program”.

Not only that i was able to perform a complete configuration, including logical switches, special functions, announcements an so on, you could simulate the whole config !
The possibilty of designing several telemetry screens, sourced by a hugh amount of sensors, completed the extremely positiv expression. So buying was a no-brainer.

Three months after first use i never experienced any failsafe, regardless flying a glider to the limit of visibility. The more i was trying all the features the more it became clear that the only limit regarding functionality was in my mind, wether in hardware nor in software.
In case you’ve IT skills in programming you even can design own software modules using lua script. Actually the Taranis X9e is the only series which gave the opportunity of a “100% customizable transmitter” on the market, i’m pretty shure !
It has a solid manufacturing quality, precise gimbals and an outstanding price/perfomance ratio.

I’m fully convinced that this series and his successors will write RC-history.



Brand Name: FrSky
Item Name: ACCST Taranis X9E Transmitter Full CNC Arm with Carton and Eva Package
Number of Channels: Up to 16 channels
Operating Voltage Range: 6~15V (2S, 3S Lipos are acceptable)
Operating Current: 260mA maximum (both RF module and backlit are on)
Operating Temperature: -10~60℃
Backlight LCD Screen: 212*64
Model Memories: 60 (extendable by SD card)
Compatibility: FrSky X series, D series and V8-II series receivers (plus other receivers if an external module
is used)
Taranis X9E-EU version is only compatible with X series receiver EU version
Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals
Receiver Match
Audio Speech Outputs (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
Antenna Status Detection and Adjustment
Real-time Flight Data Logging
Switch Numbers Extendable
Receiver Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) Alerts
Super Low Latency
Smart Port Supported
Vibration Alerts
Package Included:
1 x X9E Transmitter
1 x EVA Case

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