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Fun facts about jewelry and custom jewelry packaging

As I reach out to the beautiful small rigid box sitting on my dresser to wear the earrings I love, I can’t help but admire its beautiful custom jewelry packaging. It also makes me wonder if people were aware that humans used jewelry to mark their clans in primitive times. It served as an identity for different clans. Even today, primitive African tribes use jewelry to adorn themselves and to mark their clans. A different design of the ear and lip plate represents a different tribe. I proceed to take the earrings out of its custom jewelry packaging and wear them. I also make a mental note to share this information with Norman, who was interested in everything weird and quirky. These pretty earrings in their customized jewelry packaging were a gift to me by Norman too. Whenever I take my earrings off, I make sure to store them in the same custom jewelry packaging that they came in.

Norman and I were meeting for the first time after the lockdown. We both were working from our respective home. We avoided meeting each other till outdoor was allowed by the government. We had selected to meet for dinner at our favorite café, which was offering outdoor services now. As I reached only two and a half minutes late, Norman was already seated and waiting for me. HE smiled as I entered. I had missed him but, I had missed dining out more. We ordered right away and updated each other about our personal and professional lives. After dinner, we went for a long walk and I told him about the fun jewelry fact I had discovered. He smiled politely and told me in cultures, jewelry was also used to ward off evil. Now it was my turn to be surprised. He scrolled through the mobile to show me a primitive Egyptian ankh not packed in customize jewelry packaging, which was used to ward off the evil eye.

He further told me that not all historical jewelry could be packaged in custom jewelry boxes for businesses. Some cultures used live insects as jewelry items. Roaches, beetles and other insects have been used by the primitive civilizations. They even carried them into the battlefields. Even the sophisticated Victorians used gold chains to attach beetles to their clothes. I thought about my Grandmother’s Victorian brooches safe in their custom jewelry packaging boxes and shuddered. Who would want to wear live insects I thought to myself? I told him about my Granny’s brooches and their custom luxury jewelry boxes. As a child the customize jewelry packaging of these brooches always attracted me. Norman told me that the most used custom boxes for jewelry were engagement rings boxes. This tradition was set when Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy in 1477.

There are many items in jewelry that got popular in the ancient times and remain popular till today. The crystalline glass made by the glass masters of island of Murano is one such example. They have been popular since the year 1200. There are many couples who select diamond rings in custom jewelry packaging boxes for their engagements. A very few know that diamonds were first discovered in India. For a long time, this part of the world was mined for diamonds. Till they were discovered in South Africa. Not many people know that perfect rubies without any flaw are worth a lot more than the diamonds. But the slight catch is that a perfect ruby is almost impossible to find. Almost every ruby has a flaw.

Most jewelry brands have now switched to cardboard based retail packaging boxes. These boxes help in curbing litter. They even make use biodegradable stocks to manufacture custom boxes for jewelry that can perish on their own without releasing any harmful chemicals or substances.

Makes customers and their friends feel prestigious

If you are a brand or a business dealing in accessories and items like jewelry, then order your custom jewelry boxes in intricate designs and superior cardboard stocks. Some brands opt for custom rigid boxes when packaging their jewelry items. This way, they can offer impressive and memorable packaging to their customers, who can present it as a gift to their loved ones. The entire stock of the business does not have to be packaged this way. Instead, only a limited stock for a niche market is offered custom jewelry packaging. These boxes and packaging are not only a status symbol but also demonstrate the inclusion of the respective recipients into the prestigious brand community.

To get hands on the perfect custom jewelry boxes and custom jewelry packaging get in touch with the packaging professionals like ClipnBox. Businesses of all sizes operating in diverse industries can reap the benefits of custom packaging in more than one way.

If you are jewelry brand searching for custom jewelry packaging make sure to get in touch with ClipnBox.

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