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Ghost of Tsushima: The Best Ninja Game for PS4

For six years, no new game has been released by Sucker Punch Production in the market. But they have not been sleeping for six years. They had been working to produce one of the best action-adventure video games for Sony’s PS4 named “Ghost of Tsushima.”

The game is set in the 13th century and is based on the first Mongol invasion of Japan (Tsushima). Samurai Jin Sakai (protagonist), who has survived the invasion of Mongols, starts using underhand tactics like hiding behind long grass and sneaking through it or hiding on the rooftops to kill his enemies (Mongols) only to protect his homeland from invaders and make them go back. The game has a 3-part story structure, and its gameplay is somewhat identical to Assassin’s Creed.

Your only job as Samurai will be to kill your enemies using your inherited katana. It’s your primary weapon that you will use to kill the invaders. In the beginning, you can see Sakai following the Samurai code of honor. But as he moves forward in the game and the situation becomes worse, he finds himself using underhand tactics to protect his homeland from invaders by disregarding the Samurai code of honor.  You can see the character struggling internally and externally because of this approach in the gameplay.

Besides your sword, you also get lots of ninja gears like kunai, smoke bombs, grenades, and two bows in the game (a half bow and a full bow), which can be unlocked by completing the missions in the game. You also get the opportunity to wear lots of samurai armors in the game.

Mechanics and mission structure-wise, the game is similar to popular games like Far Cry, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Assassin’s Creed. For example, the setup and the environment of Tsushima look somewhat identical to the gaming environment of Horizon: Zero Dawn. But despite having similarity with many popular games, Sucker Punch has created a truly amazing game. Additionally, the game has features like a compelling story, three difficulty levels, Kurosawa Mode, and customizable armors.

While traveling in the game, you will come across hot springs that will help you replenish your health bar.  You can also visit shrines of Shinto and Inari for gathering charms and talismans. You can challenge different groups of enemies and other fellow sword masters for a duel fight. There is also a bow command in the game that allows you to pay respect when you are at different shrines.

The combat system of the game is also very amazing. You get to fight four types of enemies in the game -swordsmen, spearmen, shield men, and brutes. In the beginning, you can advance in the game by killing your enemies very easily. However, as the game progresses, the enemies become stronger, and you might find it very hard to kill them.

Final Words

Sucker Punch productions has put lots of effort and hard work in developing the game.  The game is amazing and has a compelling story. Besides this, you get to wear traditional Samurai armors, fight different enemies using your katana and other powerful Samurai weapons. So, if you love playing Samurai games, then you must purchase this game.

Source : The Best Ninja Game for PS4
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