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Gojek Clone – From Taxi Booking To Delivery & Home Services Grow Your Business With Super App

Looking for the commercial idea that provides your boost your business revenue? Not sure that if such an idea exists or will work in this Pandemic? What if we tell you that you can earn billions regardless of the COVID19 outbreak? Not believing, read on this blog to explore your revenue-boosting possibilities.

Venture into an On-Demand App like Gojek offering multitude of services on the go. Your customers will be able to access 70+ On-Demand Services from a single app.

Let’s explore the possibibilites of Building a Ready-made On-Demand Multi Services App like Gojek bringing to your business.

Multiple On-Demand Services On One Application

Our lives have been change after the Pandemic. It was a total collapse of our lifestyles of which we were living. But like always, we humans have a way out from such situations.

In the wake of digitalization, there has been a rapid rise in On-Demand Apps.

Now a days due to covid-19 pandemic many businesses suffer from losses. So this On demand Multi-services Gojek clone App is the best solution for this. Who wants to expand their business or start a new business this Gojek clone app helpful for them.

These All-in-One Services Apps are incorporated with 70+ On-Demand Services that are required by the common people in their day-to-day lives. Even though the situation is improving and lockdowns are lifting, people love the convenience to order from an app like Gojek.  It’s simple – the services can be availed in few taps, comes at affordable pricing,  delivers door-step deliveries, and not to forget there are promo codes and discounted deals that are rare to get from the physical stores.

Gojek Clone  – 2021 New Features Introduced in September

Taxi Booking iWatch App

It takes a minute to book a taxi using the iWatch App. The Apple Watch Application is developed is specifically designed to make the process of Taxi Booking convenient.

Can be paired with the iPhones, the Apple Watch App comes with rich features that allow you to book a taxi, choose a taxi for the trip, make payment, and get notified from the driver.

Restricting the Driver’s Fraud ( Taxi Booking Component)

This new feature prevents the drivers to mark “Arrived” status unless they are close by the meters/feet distance set by the Admin the app. Thus, avoiding such kinds of frauds from happening, offering transparency to the users.

Re-assign the Delivery Driver for Delivery Store Orders

The App owner/Admin will have the right to re-assign the delivery driver for completing the pending order. The feature has been designing after experiencing the hurdles of the deliveries.

The re-assigning of the orders will happen under the following circumstances:

  • No delivery drivers available in that proximity
  • The Delivery driver rejects the request
  • The Delivery driver cancels the order after confirming

Restaurant Menu Multiple Options/Toppings

The restaurant owners can add multiple set options and top for the food items from the displayed menu.

Let’s understand this with an example:

Subway offers a variety of bread to choose such as Whole Wheat Bread, Garlic Bread, Multi-grain bread, etc. The customer avails from these options along with adding their favorite toppings to them. The customer will be paying the cost accordingly when they checkout.

One Store under Several Categories

This feature allows the user to list their store under multiple categories. For instance, the store owner is selling groceries and food, he can ask the Admin to list the store under multiple role categories. Thus, the users can see and avail of the service accordingly. This way the store owners don’t miss out on the customers.

Free Delivery Promo Codes For Specific Delivery Stores

The Admin/ App Owner will set the “Free Delivery Promo Codes” for specific Stores/All stores for the customers to avail the discount.

This option can be turned ON/OFF.

Apart from this, it will have an Advanced rating flow for food items and delivery drivers, Location wise Push Notifications throughout the system, Advanced and Detailed Service Search, etc.

The Super App will have the usual set of features that ensures the seamlessly running of your business operations.

Unique Benefits Of Creating Gojek Clone App

Launching an App like Gojek can be a complex process, a time-consuming one and needs huge investments. Thus, Buying Gojek Clone App, a white-label solution can be the best option here. It is built on a ready-made script that comes with 100% customization.

The On-Demand Multi Services App like Gojek comprises of New Features that you are never to find in other apps. This Super App delivers innumerable advantages to your business:

Delivery Genie

Let’s say your customer is in urgent need of few snack items from a nearby store. Few taps on the Delivery Genie feature and the snacks are delivered at the doorstep. A delivery genie-like the name suggests assists in getting anything and get them delivered to the doorstep.

Booking Services through a website and phone calls

Not everyone is gadget-savvy or capable of operating a smartphone. To make it easier for them, Gojek Clone App comes with Booking through a website and a phone call. This feature allows the users to book services easily and quickly through a website/call.

This ensures that you won’t lose out on your targeted customers.

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70+ On-Demand Services

Your customers don’t allow to download 10 different apps, offering delivery and services on the go.

It requires only a single Login, to book a Taxi Ride, On-Demand Delivery Services like Grocery, Food, etc. and Other Services like Handyman services, Carpenters, Beautician, Tutors, Baby sitters, Electrician, etc.

Secure Shopping

Customers are still skeptical about visiting the stores out.

Gojek Clone App with COVID19 Safety Features allows the customers to avoid any contact with the delivery driver. The feature comprises of several such precautionary measures like Contact less deliveries, Safety Badge, Digital payments, Takeway deliveries, etc. showing the commitment of safety towards your customers.

What Does Gojek Clone App Service Provider Will Provide?

User-friendly, responsive design

Gojek Clone has a user-friendly, responsive design that works seamlessly on all digital devices.

Website installation

The Gojek Clone App Development services offers a business website along with where your customers will be able to place order using a website.


Your logo and company name will be on this On-Demand Multi Services App where you can launch and market in your own way.


The app service provider follows NDA policy where the clients names are never reveal anywhere.

Licensed source-code

The app development team will provide you with the licensed source-code which is customizable as per your customer’s evolving demands.

Multiple currencies/languages

If you are aiming to expand and grow in other locations globally, the app allows you to do that. It comes integrated with 15 additional languages and currencies apart from English and USD offering complete flexibility.

In Conclusion

Now, that you know that how important it is to have an app like Gojek for your business. Robust panels, New Features, Seamless navigation and most importantly 100% customization. This makes Gojek Clone App the most preferred choice for quickly boosting the revenues.

Connect with the app development company to provide you with the customized On-Demand App Solution equipped with the rich features. This will help you to stay ahead in the market, ensuring you have increased cash-flow to your business.


Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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