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Good opportunity for planting Service Providers on GeM

planting service is now available on GeM. It is a good opportunity for the service provider to work with the Government. The planting service provider can provide their service to the government buyer premises.


As we all know that trees – plants are an important source of our life, how much they are required to breathe and the presence of trees brings peace and freshness to our mind. Some people make it their passion to plant trees because it is necessary for the life of all of us. In many events, the need for flowers available from them also becomes necessary. On GEM, this service is made available to government buyers; you can make your service accessible to the government.

What is the Planting Services on GeM?

The GeM is an e-commerce portal like Amazon and Flipkart. But the Government is the buyer on this portal. On this portal, a variety of services are provided, including a Planting Service under which the service provider has to provide the indoor, outdoor service purchased by the buyer such as Planting, To do timely care of plants, to fertilize in plants, etc. And when the buyer Demand for the bouquet, flowers when needed (events, decoration) the service provider has to deliver the fresh flower bouquets to the buyer’s premises.

How many services are offered by the service provider underplanting Services on GeM?

The service provider is required to provide three services under the planting services on GeM.

The service provider has to provide flower delivery and flower arrangement (for doors, seminars, stages, etc.) to the premises specified by the buyer, including the following services –

  • Bonsai planting services
  • Decorative/ Ornamental Plant Service
  • Fresh Cut Floral Bouquet Service

What are the bonsai plants?

In short, the bonsai plants are that plants in which any plant that can be grown in a small container can be cultivated as a bonsai.and its cultivation can be done easily in indoor and outdoor of the premises.

Which services are offered by service providers in Bonsai Plant Services?

The service provider needs to provide plantsin tray/pots and also provide plants care services to the buyer and displaying the plants on the premises under Bonsai plant services. This service also includes the timely maintenance of plants to ensure their freshness and health. This is a weekly rental service of bonsai plants in trays/pots.

How is the service provider being eligible to provide the planting services on the GeM?

The service provider is eligible to provide its service after getting the GeM Registration.

What kind of varieties of plants under the Bonsai plant service?

There have many kinds of varieties of plants under the bonsai plant services such as:

  • Jade Plant
  • Ficus Panda
  • Ficus Bejamina
  • Ficus Micro Carpa
  • Ficus Long Island
  • Schefflera (All Varieties)
  • Xanadu
  • Banyan (All Varieties)
  • Chinese Elm
  • Divi Divi
  • Apple Wood
  • Carmona Microphylla
  • Rain Tree
  • Beggars Bowl
  • Premna
  • Casurina
  • Ficus Lipstick
  • Pyracantha
  • Murraya
  • Many More(plant that can be grown in a small try and pot)

What is the Decorative/ornamental plant service on GeM?

Under this service Plants used for decoration purposes, this service is provided for indoor and outdoor care of plants under which the plant is planted and taken care of from time to time so that the plant does not wither. And maintain decorations inside the buyer’s premises and outside with its greenery.

Note: This is a rental service.

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What kind of varieties of plants under the decorative/ornamental plan service on GeM?

There have many kinds of varieties of plants under this service such as:

  • Areca Palm Plant,
  • FicusBenjamina,
  • Syngonium Variegated,
  • Oxicodium Plant,
  • Arocario Plant,
  • English Ivy Plant,
  • Azalea Plant,
  • Dracaena Song of India Plant,
  • Ari-Calm-Palm Plant,
  • Bamboo Sticks Plant,
  • Aloe Vera Plant,
  • Crotton Plant,
  • Daphne Plant,
  • Dracaena Victoria Plant,
  • Ficus Plant,
  • Indian Basil Plant,
  • Money Plant,
  • Parrot Plant,
  • Snake Plant,
  • Spider Plant,
  • JuniperusErecta,
  • Oxycardium,
  • Tapik Snow Plant,
  • Monstera, Philodendron,
  • Dieffenbachia,
  • Aglaonema,
  • FicusNuda,
  • Dracaena,
  • Topiary ,
  • Weeping Fig Plant, etc.

Whatis the Fresh Cut Floral Bouquet Service on GeM?

As we all know that bouquets of flowers are made from fresh flowers.and under this service, a bouquet of fresh flowers is made according to the buyer’s requirement and delivered on the buyers address.

What kind of varieties of flowers available under Fresh Cut Floral Bouquet Service on GeM?

There have many kinds of varieties of plants under this service such as:

  • Anthurium,
  • Carnation,
  • Tata Rose All Colours,
  • Rose All Colours,
  • Oriental Lily,
  • Aster,Lilium,
  • Sunflower,
  • Bird of Paradise,
  • Guldawari,
  • Asiatic Lily Calla,
  • Daffodil, Gladiolus,
  • Dahlia, Gerbera,
  • Iris,
  • Orchid All Colours,

What is the frequency of service days offered by the service provider to the buyer under fresh-cut floral bouquet services?

The frequency of days offered by the service provider to the buyer is as follows:

  • Alternate Days in a Week
  • Week Days
  • Week Days with Saturday
  • All Days in a Week

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