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Guide to Buy Vacuum Storage Bags

Vacuum storage bags or what is also known as compression bags have become quite popular in the last few years, because of the way they compress clothes and fabrics to save space.

Large vacuum storage bags are super handy when someone is travelling or is shifting from one place to another or, is short on space. They can also be super helpful to put away seasonal clothes, i.e., putting away woollens during summer and vice-versa.

buy vacuum storage bags

What Happens with Vacuum Bags?

With vacuum bags, the air inside the bulky items get sucked out and the bulky size gets reduced almost to a fraction of the initial volume. This allows additional and free space in your room and also keeps dust away from your products.

While you are looking forward to buy vacuum storage bags, this guide will help you buy the best vacuum storage bags available at the market.

For an External Suction Vacuum Sealer

If you have an external suction vacuum sealer, you would want to use vacuum sealing bags and rolls, lined with mesh. Suction machines are usually compatible with chamber pouches and thus, the mesh is required to properly vacuum and seal the bag.

For a Chamber Vacuum Sealer

In this type of machine, the mesh is not required. The air in this is not sucked out of the bag, and rather evacuated from the entire chamber. This one can be a huge cost saver for you because the chamber pouches are usually less expensive than the mesh bags.

The chamber sealers can seal the full mesh bags. Chamber pouches have a smooth texture and do not require the mesh lining.

For Sous Vide

These bags are commonly used for sous vide cooking. Sous vide is a style of slow-cooking that requires a longer time span and less heat. More than just cooking food, this process also ensures that the food is cooked evenly.

Vacuum-Sealer Bags

The pre-cut vacuum sealer bags can be used either with chamber or suction machines. The size of the bag can be made as per your requirement. All you need to do is cut the roll to your required length, seal one end of the bag, and fill the bag. Using it is that simple!

Just the way you would work with bags, rolls maybe used with either of the chamber or suction machines.

Zipper Bags

Zipper bags are easy to open and can be resealed too. The zipper technology can store food five times fresher than the usual. These storage bags prevent dehydration and eliminate freezer burn. But these can also be used for storing non-food items.


Pouches are sort of pre-cut bags with the mesh that are typically required for the bag to function properly with the external suction vacuum sealers. Pouches can be used only with chamber machines. These pouches can be frozen, boiled, microwaved, refrigerated or used for sous vide.

If you are boiling the food materials or cooking at boiling temperature, use pouches that are meant for rethermalising food and can withstand temperatures up to 212°F for at least up to 30 minutes. But keep in mind that they are compatible only with chamber vacuum sealers and not suction vacuum sealers.

You can put in standard chamber pouches in the microwave oven. Cut a hole or slit to allow the steam to escape.

If you are looking to buy the best vacuum storage bags, be it for travel time or for storing woollens, large vacuum storage bags come handy. Brands like Keplin has the best vacuum storage bags with 80 per cent more storage space than other vacuum bags available in the market.
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