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Here is a List of Applications You Need to Have on Your Apple Smart Watch

Here is a List of Applications You Need to Have on Your Apple Smart Watch

The Apple smartwatch is a device that has it all. It features a stylish design, slick notifications, amazing fitness features, and potentially life-saving health tools. One of Apple’s flagship devices, it is an all-purpose watch that will deliver notifications, allow you to make calls and run different applications.


Users will come across some of the best applications found on Apple’s Watch App Store, but there are a few that a person must have on his/her smartwatch. The app store created for an iPhone or an iPad will cater to a large number of applications as compared to the Watch Store. The popularity of the Apple smartwatch lured a lot of developers to make apps for the smaller device, and here are a few options you need to have to enjoy a smooth user experience.

Strava: Track Your Runs, Rides, and Workouts

The Apple Watch is known for housing good health, and fitness tracking apps and one of the most popular is Strava. It is a free app that tracks all your runs, rides, and workouts. Strava also finds new places to explore. As a user, you can also track your training progress. If you do feel competitive, race with the community in different virtual segments.

Once you track and analyze your workout routine, you can get access to stats related to distance, pace, speed, calories, and elevation. Challenge yourself with monthly tasks and strike up a competition with other people. If you subscribe to Strava, be ready to go through customized training plans. While running, set your distance. The best part is that you can get live feedback to perform better and in a safer way.

Things 3: Progress Towards Set Goals in Life by Organizing Yourself

It is always good to be organized in life, but with the fast-paced world, people tend to forget a lot of things. This is where Things 3 comes into the picture. The application has a user-friendly design and helps anyone using Things 3 plan their day, manage different assignments. It also allows people to progress towards set goals.

People can see their calendar events and to-do list simultaneously. If you are someone who likes to plan for the future, then add points for the next couple of days or whenever you want to do it. Due to any reason if your plans change, drag, and drop to re-schedule according to your convenience.

As per your requirements, you can add notes, tag, schedule, and also break it down into more straightforward steps to remember things. Create a goal in your life and add the steps you need to climb to achieve your ultimate goal. Create different areas to categorize things or plans related to friends, family, work, etc. The magic+ feature in Things 3 will allow users to add to-do points anywhere in a list.

AccuWeather: Predict Accurate Weather to Plan Your Day Ahead

How worse can it be when it starts raining as soon as you go out for a run or any other outdoor activity. It is safe to know a little bit about the weather conditions of the day you plan to step outside of your house. AccuWeather gives you accurate weather forecasts with proper news, predictions, storm alerts, etc.

The user-friendly interface of the application makes it very easy for users to notice specific details they want to know about at that time. The MinuteCast feature of AccuWeather dishes out minute-to-minute information for the next two hours. If you are traveling overseas, check out global weather updates according to the destination you plan to visit. The RealFeel and RealFeel shade temperature technology incorporated by the makers into the app allows users to know the difference between the look of the weather and how it feels. The application now gives you the option to prioritize the kind of notifications you want to receive on your smartphone. You can personalize the app irrespective of your geographical location. Also, look at weather forecasts at least 45 days ahead to be prepared for any weather conditions. Don’t forget to sync Accuweather with your watch to get the latest information with just a peep at your wrist.

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