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Here’s How You Can Create a Delete Key on a Chromebook

There are a few keyboard options that some Chromebook models do not include within them, and one of them is the most commonly used “Delete” key. If you have recently purchased a Chromebook and you are surprised that it does not include a Delete key and missing it badly, then no need to worry now. There is a nice trick through which you can create one. With some great keyboard shortcuts, you can simulate the behavior of the keys that are not included in the Chromebook keyboard. Being a user of the Chromebook, you should know some of the important and common keyboard shortcuts. And by using a correct keys combination, you can perform the functionality of the delete key on your Chromebook computer as well. And here, you will get to know how to do that.

Are you also one of the users of the Chromebook? Want to know the keyboard shortcut to mimic the Delete key’s functionality on your Chromebook computer? There are few other standard keys as well that you will not find in the Chromebooks. And this article aims to provide you with all the key combinations for the keys that are missing in the Chrome OS. So, to know more, please read the complete article.

The Methods to Delete Any Content on a Chromebook

Deleting any content on a Chromebook can be easily done with the correct method. We know that the Delete key is the most frequently used key. And for erasing any data on your Chromebook, you can use the Alt + Backspace key combination. You can use this keyboard shortcut for deleting any file or for erasing any character placed in front of the blinking cursor. Although, you can also use the Backspace key to remove any character placed on the left side of your cursor. Usually, the Backspace key acts as the Chromebook’s Delete key. You can use it without any additional keys. If you want to delete any part of the text of any selected file on your Chromebook, you need to right-click on the item and then choose the option of the “Delete” given in the context menu.

Some Other Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Apart from the Delete key, the other keys that are not included on the Chromebook keyboard are as follows:

  • Home:By using the “Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow” key combination, you can perform the functions of the Home button on your Chromebook.
  • Page Up:“Alt or Search + Up Arrow” key is the shortcut key for Page Up.
  • Page Down: For this, you can use the keyboard shortcut that is “Alt or Search + Down Arrow” key combination.
  • End:“Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow” is the key combination for this.

The Steps to Create the Custom Keys on a Chromebook

To create the custom keys on your Chromebook, follow these steps:

  • Switch on your Chromebook computer and log in with your password.
  • And now, go to the Time Indicator that you can see in the bottom right corner of your Chromebook’s screen.
  • Now, a pop-up window will appear on your screen, and you have to click on the “Settings” icon that should be at the top-right corner of your screen.
  • You will now reach the Chrome OS settings section in which you have to click on the option of “Device” that is given in the left menu panel.
  • In the Device section, go to the option of “Keyboard”.
  • And now, you will see the Chromebook keyboard settings on your screen. Here, you can see some of the keys each with a Drop Down menu through which you can modify these keys as per your preferences.
  • Once you feel satisfied with the modifications that you have made, close the settings window by clicking on the “X” icon.

So, this is how you can create custom keys on your Chromebook along with some valuable and useful keyboard shortcuts that any Chromebook user should use. I hope you will find this article helpful. To have more information like this, you can stay connected with us and visit our website.

Source: Here’s How You Can Create a Delete Key on a Chromebook
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