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Here’s How You Can Fix the Issue With Your Chromebook That Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi.

Are you facing issues while connecting your Chromebook computer to your Wi-Fi? Well, this is a common problem that a lot of people use to struggle with most often. But, it is the most annoying problem as these days we all largely depend on the internet. However, the Chromebooks are user- friendly and quite affordable computers. But, like all the other devices, they are also not free of issues. A lot of Chromebook users face this issue more frequently. There can be various reasons responsible for this problem. And it is also possible that some of the Chromebook users might not know how to solve this problem. If you also use a Chromebook computer and face this problematic situation every time, then this article is for you. We understand your problems completely, and our main aim has always been to guide you to fix your issues. This time also we are here to help you.


In our following article, we are going to provide you with the solutions through which any Chromebook user can fix this problem along with some of the possible causes that might lead to this issue. So, to have complete detail, please go through the full article.

The Methods to Solve the Issue of a Chromebook that Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

As mentioned earlier, there can be multiple reasons why your Chromebook is not connecting to your Wi-Fi connection. And before going through the tricks to fix the issue, it is important to identify some of its causes because only then we will be able to solve the problem. There may be some communication problem between your Chromebook computer and router, or maybe there are some device’s internal hardware issues that cause this problem. Whatever the reason is, this article will show you some methods that can be helpful to resolve this issue. So, now, without wasting any more time, we should proceed with the techniques. Here’s what you can do to fix the Chromebook that won’t connect to your Wi-Fi connection. Take a look below:

Consider Checking the Wi-Fi Connection on Your Chromebook

This is the first step that anyone should follow when they face this issue. The task follows a simple procedure that anyone can go through. To check the Wi-Fi connection on your Chromebook computer, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • To get started, go to the “Settings” panel that you can see at the lower right corner of your desktop screen.
  • When you click on the Settings panel, you will see a message stated: “Connected to (network name)”.
  • Disconnect your network for a few seconds and then again reconnect it. And to do this, click on the “Network” and then “Disconnect”. And to reconnect, click on “Connect”.

This might solve the network connectivity issue with your Chromebook. Also, you should use the ethernet cable instead of the router cable for a stable internet connection.

Consider Restarting Your Chromebook and Router

This is another quick solution that might fix the problem for you. Shut down your Chromebook computer and router for a few minutes. And then again restart them. This is the best solution and the easiest trick that can fix any connectivity glitches. Shutting down a Chromebook is an easy task. You can do that by pressing the power button or clicking on the menu that you can find on the bottom right corner. From there, select the option of “Shut Down”. And now turn on your Chromebook by pressing the power button and then press the refresh button.

Consider Resetting the Profile Settings

Resetting the profile settings can also fix the issue with your Chromebook that won’t connect to your Wi-Fi network. This way, you can clear the cookies, cached memory, and can delete the unnecessary extensions as well. To do this, you need to open the browser on your Chromebook computer and then type the following code: “chrome://settings/resetprofilesettings” in the search bar and hit enter. After reaching the next screen, select the option of “Reset”. And that’s it. Your Chromebook will now reset the profile settings. This will also improve the performance of your device, making it faster.

So, these were some of the tricks that can help you to fix your Chromebook’s network connectivity issues. Try any of these techniques now and let us know which method worked for you. And if you want to read more articles like this, you can check our website as well.

Source-You Can Fix the Issue With Your Chromebook
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