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History Of Cakes And Trending Floweraura Cakes

We look for a delicious cake that makes us feel suitable for every celebration, and we enjoy galloping it. We also look for decadent cakes that make a hot statement at the festival. There are many portals that offer different kinds of amazing cakes; one of them is FlowerAura cakes. So, cakes are essential but have you ever thought about how the first cake came into existence and what are fancy cakes that you can devour in 2021? Obviously not, and therefore, we are here to give you the knowledge about cakes and their existence. Cake has such a  fascinating and rich history that people love to know. So, today, let us help you learn the history of the cake and the trends in the cake.


The First Cake

Have you heard about Viking origin? Well, if you have, then you must be aware of how the cake word originated.  It is derived from ‘kaka’ – a Norse word. Earlier the cake wasn’t used to be the same. They were very different, but with time, the bakers experimented, and we got the cake we are eating today. The cake came from Egypt. Ancient Egyptians developed some baking skills and at that time, the cake used to be bread type, dipped in honey to sweeten it. Greeks were also involved in baking a cheesecake at the beginning, and Romans developed the fruit cake with nuts and other fruits. 

While the cake came from Egypt, the first icing was from Europe – it was made by the boiled mixture of sugar, eggs and some flavourings. Unlike before, in the mid-17th century, Europe had some technology and tools through which they were able to make cakes and developed the toppings and icing. Still, this cake was also different from what we are devouring today.

In 19-century, yeast was replaced by baking powder, and more tools and techniques were developed that made bakers work easier. The cake was a luxury at that moment that was only afforded by royalties because sugar and chocolate were very expensive. With extra refined flour, the cake became popular, and it was more like a cake and not bread. The old icing technique was also replaced by buttercream frosting, and now bakers don’t have to stand before the stove for long hours as tools and machines made the bakers’ life easy.

So, you see, above are some of the cake histories that are impressive and worth learning. Cakes are a whole part of our feasts and celebrations, and knowing how the cakes became popular or how they have transferred is an essential step for a hard-core foodie.


Why Are Cakes Round?

Time and again, many people raised this query about why cakes are round and why people didn’t start baking the cake in different shapes. But, to date, there is no precise answer found to this question. Though many theories popped up, and we will let you know about the approaches that are still ruling the minds. One of them is, the cakes that were made before were from hands. Like, in today’s time, we have enough facilities for the pan, at that time, it was not possible, so the cake was made round in shape from hands. Also, at that time, the bread naturally baked into a round shape, so the round cakes came into life. 

Apart from that, it is also believed that at the time when baking cakes was started, the Gods and spirits existed and Gods prefered round shaped cake, so people showing the kind gesture started baking the cake in round shape. The round figure shows the cyclic motion of life, and it makes the point clear why on special occasions, we get the cake. Now, you must be clear about why the cakes are baked in round shape. See, it is like, the baking of round cake started because of lack of supplements and devotion, which is now a tradition for many. So, we believe that even you would now try a round shaped cake for your occasion. Let us move forward with the trending cakes that you can give to your friends and family.


Trending Cakes To Try In 2021

Now, as you know the history of cake, it is time to look for the trending cakes that you can devour in 2021. Scroll down…


Pinata Cake: This is an extraordinary cake that bakers have come up with. This is a double-layered cake. The cake of chocolate filling inside and outside has a different shape given with chocolate. It needs to be broken from a hammer. This cake is a perfect example of smashing it to reveal the secret inside. It is an amazingly delicious cake to offer your loved ones on their birthday. Even they would enjoy breaking the chocolate top layer to see what’s hidden.


Pull Me Up Cake: AThe relishing Pull Me Up cake is another exquisite cake in the collection that you must try in 2021. You must be thinking about what is it and how can you just rely on it., Well, this is a fantastic cake with some layers. Once the cake is prepared, it is covered with plastic. Now, after everything, the chocolate ganache is spread along with finely chopped nuts or choco chips at the top. The one you will give will remove the plastic and will experience the splash of chocolate. Isn’t it amazing? To your dear ones who are young, this cake will be a perfect present to offer.


Woven Cake: If you desire to turn the cake into a beautiful tapestry, this woven cake will serve the purpose. Yes, for your old grandparents or parents, this cake in 2021 would be a tribute to their work and how they raised you. This cake is all about the earthy tones and textures. Basket weaves, piped dots with multicoloured strings make it look exclusive cake. So, this time as you look forward to celebrating any occasion, consider this heartwarming cake. We hope you and your elders enjoy this delectable and creative woven cake for this celebration.


Coconut Cake: If you are a fan of coconut, you cannot resist this cake in 2021. This cake is all about coconut. Yes, as the cake is prepared with coconut milk and the goodness of coconut extracts, this delectable cake is a must to serve on special occasions and feasts. The cake is adorned with coconut buttercream and coconut shreds. This white beauty looks gorgeous and delicious at the same time. You can also add vanilla flavour or caramel flavour to improve the taste. But this is a must to have cake at your feast. Try it today!


Black Buttercream Cake: Sounds so different yet so lip-smacking? Yes, this is the black buttercream cake that you can have for a feast. The black buttercream concept is relatively new, and, guess what, colourful cakes are readily available, but pristine black buttercream attracts the guests. If you want to be the gristle of the gossip mill with your party, then add a black buttercream cake to it. See how everyone talks about it and the way it looks. The candies adorning the black buttercream, along with some sugar crystals and white buttercream flowers, makes it look enchanting.


Jar Cakes: Another fascinating concept in cakes is a jar cake that is trending in 2021. It may be teachers day, children’s day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day; this exclusive jar cake with an edible poster on it would be a great delicacy. Everyone loves this delightful delicacy, and as some do not want the whole cake, jar cake is perfect for them. So, you can take this into consideration while gifting. Not for big fate parties but for a surprise, it is lovely. Also, in big fate parties, you would have to keep a separate jar for all.


Walnut Brownies: You all must have heard about the brownies, but walnut brownies are in trend in 2021. The delicious taste of chocolate and crunchiness of walnuts is alluring to all. Many online portals don’t have brownies but some have amazing brownies with happy birthday or happy anniversary messages written on them that make them more memorable. So, this time, you can order walnut brownies for your loved ones and see their reaction while having such mouth-watering delicacies on their doorstep.


Don’t you feel the history of cake is amusing? Well, we find cakes fascinating and hence, we thought of sharing our knowledge with you. You should try these decadent cakes in 2021 and experience the celebration like never before. These cake trends are on top, so if you decide to give it to your friend and family, they would equally devour it. So, order your favourite cake for your favourite person and celebrate with complete joy and enthusiasm. Pass on this impressive cake history in your group and let them know how cakes came into existence. Keep Celebrating!

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