Hottest neighborhoods in Ottawa in 2020

Are you thinking about purchasing a home in Ottawa? While the capital of Canada definitely has a lot to offer, selecting the right neighborhood isn’t always easy. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at the hottest neighborhoods in Ottawa in 2020; you’re sure to find something that suits you among these, so take a look!

The Golden Triangle

Among all of the neighborhoods here, perhaps none are more suitable for young adults and newcomers to the town than the Golden Triangle. If you’re on a tight budget and plan on relocating via an affordable moving company like; you’re going to need an area that’s not too expensive as well. And that’s where the Golden Triangle comes in!

Most of the houses here are well-kept family homes; they were constructed between the thirties and the late eighties. You’ll find that, though these are historic and sturdy households, they’re not too expensive. Plus, the location is quite near the City Hall and the Rideau Canal. So, if you want to spend your downtime taking long strolls along the canal, you’ll find this neighborhood to be perfectly placed.

During the winter, the canal gets completely frozen over, and Ottawa families flock to the area to go skating all the way until early March. As you can see, this is not a neighborhood short on amenities or opportunities for family fun; regardless of your interests, you’ll find something to do.

Little Italy

While Canada’s famous neighbor to the south and its New York City are more famous for Italian immigration, Ottawa has had its fair share of them over the course of WWII as well. And the neighborhood that was home to the Italian community was fittingly named Little Italy.

The area celebrates its heritage proudly to this day — you can find all kinds of Italian restaurants and yearly festivals that celebrate Little Italy’s roots. However, you should also know that the area became more and more culturally diverse in the past fifty years. These days, there are all kinds of people living here — in decently affordable housing.

Plenty of homes date back to the 1900s and while they do hold a certain amount of charm; Little Italy is also an area with plenty of newly built rental properties and residential housing for sale.If you’re looking to start a family of your own and want to find a cheap but sturdy home; this is certainly the place. There are plenty of local moving companies that offer all kinds of affordable services as well, should you choose to relocate here. For instance, furniture movers can have all of your furniture pieces disassembled hassle-free in no time.


The two previous among the hottest neighborhoods in Ottawa were great for families — and while Lowertown is definitely a nice area, it caters to a different generation. If you’re a young adult who’s looking for more breweries and coffee shops than kindergartens, this is the place for you.

Single adults will find plenty of affordable one-bedroom condos, though there are two-bedroom houses for families as well. As we’ve mentioned, fans of craft beer and interesting cuisine will be delighted by what York Street has to offer around here. And if you’re a young professional working somewhere in Ottawa, know that Lowertown is extremely well-connected when it comes to public transit and commutes. On top of that, it has a decent amount of biking paths and walkways for those who want to stay fit in an urban environment.


Up until the beginning of this century, Kanata was not really Ottawa; it was pretty much its own city. However, today it is Ottawa’s most populous suburb, constantly attracting new residential home construction and people. It’s got everything you’d like in a suburb — a great location, reasonable affordability, and plenty of charm.

Plus, it’s exceptionally well-connected to downtown Ottawa — it takes a little less than a half an hour to drive there! In fact, you can take a weekend drive all the way to Montreal in a little over two hours from Kanata.

Of course, you don’t actually have to go too far if you want to have fun in Kanata; especially if you’re something of an enthusiast for the outdoors. There are gorgeous forests and parks nearby, with everything from small birds which you can feed to actual deer.

ByWard Market

Here’s another area that’s definitely one of the hottest neighborhoods in Ottawa in 2020 if you’re into the hipster lifestyle. ByWard Market is famous for its many baked goods, cheese, flowers, chocolate, and other stalls featuring plenty of fresh produce that you can peruse and purchase.

The neighborhood also features other interesting amenities for those with enough free time — from yoga centers and spas to escape room facilities.

The Glebe

This is a neighborhood that’s less affordable than the ones above — but if you’ve got the funds, it’s definitely worth your time. It’s one of the most reputable areas for young couples with children or those who are planning on having them. The reason for that is simple — the local schools are some of the best in all of Ottawa. Plus, the commute to the downtown area is a mere ten minutes long.

Also, this place is known for its annual Tulip Festival that takes place each May; along with a multitude of other interesting sights. While it’s not as rich in amenities for young people as some of the hippier neighborhoods above, buying a house here is definitely a great investment; even if you only plan on reselling, the home value keeps rising here and that’s a trend that’s expected to continue in the near future.


As you can see, some of the hottest neighborhoods in Ottawa definitely have a lot to offer; regardless of what kind of area you’re looking for. All you need to do is to set your priorities straight and decide on precisely what you’re looking for.

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