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How Arabic Translation Abu Dhabi Driving License is beneficial?

Ah, your first Abu Dhabi driving license! You’re ready to go out and see the city, get some food at your favorite restaurant, and enjoy all the fun things you remember from your last visit. But without an Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license when you arrive, the bouncer won’t let you in because he can’t read what it says on your driver’s license.

That’s right, even though you live in the United Arab Emirates, where English is commonly spoken, you need an Arabic translation of your driving license if you want to be able to get into any private club or restaurant.

Arabic Translation Abu Dhabi Driving License improves your chances of getting a job

It is not as easy to get a job in the UAE as it might seem. To get a job, many employers require your resume, certifications, and qualifications to be submitted in Arabic even if you are a native English speaker. The reason for this is that they cannot verify your credentials if they are not written in the same language.

To pass off any chances of deception by applicants, employers do their due diligence by requesting translations into the local language of their headquarters so that anyone can quickly verify the accuracy with another native speaker. This keeps everyone on level ground when applying for jobs in the UAE. When looking for work, make sure you have all documents translated into Arabic before submitting them to potential employers.

Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license makes life easier

A valid driver’s license is required by law in the UAE. Unlike other countries where all you need is a translation. It is needed to provide both the original driving license and an Arabic language translation Abu Dhabi driving license to get a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi.

For visitors or ex-pats coming from abroad, this can be tricky. However, many service providers offer this service for reasonable prices that could make life easier when you’re getting started in a new country and trying to figure out how things work.

The process of Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license takes some time, but it will be worth your while. After all, if you end up needing to drive in Abu Dhabi at any point during your stay here, not having access to a driver’s license would only add more stress.

Having official documents available in both languages keeps you safe

It is a well-known fact that bilingual speakers have many benefits. Being able to understand both languages opens doors and helps you do business on a global scale. However, being bilingual also has more practical applications that can make life easier for you.

Having documents like your driver’s license or any other legal documents translated into both languages means that you are ready for anything.

It allows you to handle unforeseen situations with ease. Having your official documents translated into different languages is important if you live in the United Arab Emirates because everything from getting your driver’s license to filing paperwork at the bank will require them to be translated into Arabic at some point.

For those who speak fluent Arabic, having their documents translated into English may not seem necessary but it is still worth it to know what they say.

The license can be used as an identification

The requirement to have a translation on your driving license was enacted in 2006 by the ministry. However, translating your driving license is still not mandatory and it is now up to the driver to decide whether they would like their certificate translated or not.

However, should you choose to have an Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license, there are specific requirements that need to be met before a translator can complete the task.

The first of these requirements is that one copy of the original driving license has to be provided and this copy must include your photo and signature.

They also need to see a copy of your residency card as well as the registration for any car you intend on using for licensing purposes.

After checking these documents, they will print out two copies from their computer. One of these copies will be given back to you while the other copy is kept by them. As long as all the information matches what’s been typed on the document, then it’s approved and ready for use!

Benefits of Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license

If you are residing in Abu Dhabi or have a vacation scheduled, it is important to know that you will need to show an International Driving Permit (IDP) at the time of registration.

Dubai also has some confusion with licensing requirements, Abu Dhabi makes this process much more straightforward because Emiratis do not need any type of license and all other nationals will require the IDP. It is recommended that international drivers get their IDPs before coming to the UAE. Residents who are issued an IDP should bring it with them when registering a vehicle and showing it to police if stopped.

Get into car accidents less

Imagine getting into an accident and someone not being able to understand English. Having an Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license is the key to minimizing the chance of this happening. Have you ever been in an accident while driving before?

If so, chances are that you didn’t have your driver’s license with you at the time. However, if you were carrying it around with you then there would be no question about who was at fault for the accident. It also gives peace of mind when renting a car as many companies require driver’s licenses from foreigners.

Avoid DUIs

Driving under the influence is illegal, both when you’re drinking alcohol and when you’re on drugs. DUIs carry punishments of incarceration, fines, loss of license or privilege to drive, as well as loss of income. There are four degrees of intoxication related to DUIs:

  • The first-degree offense is considered DUI and punishable by jail time and fines.
  • The second-degree offense carries a jail sentence of six months up to one year.
  • The third-degree offense has jail time from two days up to six months and a $1,000 fine.
  • The fourth-degree offense comes with no more than five days in jail or 30 days suspension of your driver’s license.

To avoid any of these penalties, people must get their Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license before they head to the UAE.

Easier taxes

Taxes for drivers are dependent on the type of vehicle and personal registration status, but drivers without licenses will still be required to pay yearly taxes. In other words, you need an Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license if you want to live in or operate vehicles on Emirati territory.

Final Words…

If you are moving to Abu Dhabi then an Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license is required for your international license. This is because the UAE police; required the Arabic translation of your international driver permit (IDP). Arabic translation of your driving license is beneficial in many ways, if you driving a car in any of the emirates and some incident happens like you met an accident then Arabic translation Abu Dhabi driving license helps the police to identify you in the very first place. A driving license will work as an identification.

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