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How Can I Be a Good Housekeeper at A Hotel?

The hospitality industry thrives on creating a comforting and memorable experience for the guest. The housekeeping service is one of the most important elements of creating that experience. The essential reason why guests come to a hotel is because they want to rent a comfortable room with the right furnishing, and living essentials in it. This includes the beds, side tables, bedsheets, hotel towels, hotel mats, and so much more. These things need to be sourced from the right supplier such as DZEE supply company. After using the room, guests expect it to return to its pristine self, when they comeback after a day out. That is where the housekeeping staff enters. The housekeeping cleaning staff should be able to tackle the room and manage these things with their professional housekeeping tips and tricks to maintain the hotel standards.

Housekeeping Tips and Tricks!

Whether it is an easy-to-clean job or something nasty, the one thing a good housekeeper needs to be prepared and also needs to keep bettering yourself at your job. As a housekeeper, you must be asking yourself how can I be a good housekeeper at a hotel and do better than what I am already doing. Well, for that, you can use the ideas we are sharing in this blog, so keep reading on.

1.      Standard Housekeeping Cleaning Routine

When you have a plan of action ready, you have most of your work cut out for you.

As part of the housekeeping team, you need to figure out the best hotel cleaning tips and smart housekeeping ideas to create the best hotel stay experience for the guests. Delivering results under a specified time, especially if faced with a room that needs extra time and attention is not an easy job. An easy room or a nasty one, the housekeeping routine should have room for improvement with every cleaning experience.

The housekeeping things need to be advanced that can help you tackle each room within the specified timeframe. These include the surface, upholstery, room, and bathroom cleaners. Then when you take the dirty linen out for washing, they also need to be soft and quick. You don’t want the cleaning supplies to give you trouble once you get started.

So, ensure, you have your routine and the housekeeping cleaning supplies in place that keep evolving with time.

2.      Time Your Cleaning Tasks

One of the best housekeeping ideas to maintain the tight timeframe is to time every cleaning task and not go overboard.

When you know just how much time you are spending on each task, you would be able to manage any nasty surprises that come your way without compromising your day. This lets you fasten up your process and understand which task needs your attention and which task can be done without much issue. The housekeeping routine set accordingly, and then when you time everything, it just makes your life better. Spending the least extra time in the room and maintaining the housekeeping cleaning standards is done by creating the right balance between the two.

Maintaining standard within time!

When you really want an answer for how can I be a good housekeeper at a hotel, the answer is maintaining the cleaning standard and time.

One of the best housekeeping ideas we can give you here is to time yourself through the tasks. Then devise your plan accordingly on how you can best allot the time for the fastest and cleanest results. Many people think that a housekeeping cleaning job is easy. But we can tell you that the housekeeping staff after years of practice and finding the right housekeeping tips and tricks make the job look easy.

3.    Clean Smarter, Not Scrub Harder!

The right housekeeping things and using them in a smarter way helps you get more work done without putting in too much time.

Next time you ask yourself, how can I be a good housekeeper at a hotel, think how you can be smarter rather than spending too much time in scrubbing. Though the first thing you should do is, organize your housekeeping things in a way that you are able to reach for them with ease. These hotel cleaning tips really helps you to maintain your routine and you don’t waste time getting the right things when you need them.


This means, you let the product sit while you get other housekeeping things done and then clean the residue out. Then to get into the nooks and crannies, you can use a toothbrush. Then you should always dust after you vacuum otherwise you are left with dirt o surfaces and would have to wipe everything down again. Also, be sure to dust everything you can see, you never know what a guest catches dust on. One of the best hotel cleaning tips you should always keep in mind is to get the bedroom done first. There are more things that require your attention in the bathroom. Plus, like we said you need to let the product sit. So, it is better to apply the product, clean the room meanwhile, and then just go in clean and be done with it.

4.      Listen and Communicate with the Guest

You are working hard for the guest, when you know and understand what they want, you are able to deliver better results.

There are times when guests may have requests, so one of the best housekeeping ideas for the best results is to listen to your guests. When you have an open communication channel, guests tell you exactly how they would like they’re rooms to look like when you’re done. This does not mean doing special or extra work, just adjusting your cleaning routine a bit to fit their requirements better. You can also guide them through and let them know just how much you can cater to their requests and where you draw the line. When guests know that the housekeeping is listening to them and delivering results accordingly, they feel important and also prefer the same hotel the next time. Also, the housekeeping gets their work cut out for them without having to spend extra time or effort.

Maintain Control!

Housekeeping cleaning staff has full control over their work, a space they get to declutter according to their housekeeping method and housekeeping tips and tricks. When you know what your guests want, you also have the control over just how much you would deliver and what you want to adjust to how you want to achieve it.

Be the Best Housekeeper!

Every hotel has different policies, room sizes, room quantity, and the quality they deliver, you have to be the best housekeeper within that environment.

You will find numerous housekeeping tips and tricks when you search on how can I be a good housekeeper at a hotel. But the housekeeping cleaning standards are set by the housekeeping staff. No hotel cleaning tips will help you if you are not ready to learn and apply your own housekeeping ideas. Experience brings you attention to many housekeeping things that you may not have noticed otherwise. You just have to keep evolving for the better with time.

Take Your Time!

Everyday is a new chance to better yourself and be better at your job. Unlike some other hotel jobs, there is something new in housekeeping every day. You will learn and grow with each passing day and each cleaning experience.

Also, you should not judge anyone on their cleaning techniques, if you find faults that can be improved, constructively share your ideas. This will help the new housekeeping staff learn and grow with you. You never know you might learn something from them.

What do you think is one housekeeping cleaning tip that helps a housekeeper be better at their job? Let us know in the comments below!

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