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How Can You Make Your Bathroom Look Vintage & Classic?

Modern bathrooms have been a trend for the longest time in the history of interior decoration. Every homeowner wanted their bathrooms to be clean and geometrical. Alternatively, some homeowners bucked that trend and decided to go ahead with a vintage bathroom design and that’s what gave rise to the vintage style. 

But, you may wonder regarding the ways through which you can transform your bathroom into a vintage style. Fret not because that’s what we are going to discuss today through the below-mentioned procedures.

Methods To Make Your Bathroom Look Classic & Vintage

It has been suggested by the best bathroom renovations in Newcastle services that installing ceiling lighting is the easiest way through which you can make your bathroom look vintage & classic. You can proceed to use a chandelier for the task because it will have that dramatic flair to make your guests go ‘wow’. When choosing your chandelier, ensure that the design is vintage. The product doesn’t have to be expensive but the classic style should be there.

However, if your bathroom ceiling is narrow and there’s no room to fit a chandelier, then the ideal supplement would be to opt for vintage bulb fixtures. 

  • Install Gold & Silver Coloured Plumbing Fixtures

If you can include silver and gold-coloured plumbing fixtures inside your bathroom, then you can easily make your space look like one from the Victorian era. Such a theme will provide you with a feeling of richness and royalty. 

You also need to ensure that the fixtures that you’ll be selecting should be rounded because that’s what vintage designs stand for. Anything sharp or edgy-looking will always be a modern design.

  • Install Wooden Cabinets

Rich and dark-coloured wooden cabinets along with mirror frames will easily contrast beautifully for your vintage bathroom space. Along with the silver & gold-coloured plumbings, these cabinets will push that vintage or antique look that you’ve always wanted. 

If you want to push the boundaries of having a vintage bathroom, then the best thing you can do is to purchase wooden cabinets that have little detailing on them. You can even choose cabinets with ornamental frames if you want an extra antique look.

  • Install Old Art Or Paintings

If your bathroom is small, then there will be no space to install paintings or art. However, if your bathroom is big enough, you can proceed to install beautiful art or paintings on the wall, to give your bathroom a bit of personal touch. 

Thus, as can be seen, by the above-mentioned suggestions, you can decorate and rejuvenate your bathroom as you like, to be more vintage and classic-styled. The choice ultimately depends upon your preferences. 
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