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How Do Gold Jewelry Buyers Determine The Right Price To Pay?

In India, the valuable yellow metal has become more than just a fashionable object. It is considered by people to be a huge financial asset and has immense emotions of people attached with it. More or less, this metal has become a religion in itself. You might have noticed that in the festive season, especially on grand occasions like Dhanteras and Diwali, the country sees a huge surge in the number of people making transactions on the yellow precious metal by selling them to Jewelry Buyers

They buy valuable articles and ornaments made of this metal in different forms and gift them to their family members, friends, and relatives on such festivities. You must have also seen this trend being actively practiced during other family functions and weddings.

But it is important to know that such gifted items might not always be of liking to the second person. Or sometimes such gifts might not fit properly on the person. It might also happen that for them, the articles are out of fashion.

What happens in such cases is that people keep those items aside and put them in their lockers for safekeeping. And when they become old and unused for a long time. They forget their value or think that their market worth must have decreased.

This is a common misconception that people have and also the one that local dealers take undue advantage of by deliberately giving you fewer returns for your old possessions even when you deserve more on them.

To avoid this, the people might consider selling them second-hand to their friends and acquaintances who want those valuable accessories. If you also have such articles which you had bought second hand and are looking for a way to generate good cash for gold against them, then keep reading further.

The Yellow Metal Transaction To Jewelry Buyers

You might already be familiar with the very high and exponential market value and industrial demand that precious metals like gold and silver have. And among them, the former has always dominated the jewelry industry because of the high returns it gives to people against it.

This is the reason why people look for ways to sell the articles made out of it and generate cash for themselves in some form. For a long time, people from all aspects of life and different financial backgrounds have traded in such valuable possessions which come in numerous forms.

Even today, you can buy and sell jewelry items like necklaces, chains, bracelets, rings, earrings, anklets, nose pins, bangles, etc. There are other prized accessories like bullion-struck collectible coins, idols, biscuits, bars, ingots, etc. Some people even invest in highly-priced antiques to later sell them for better returns.

But currently, one of the most popular ways of transacting and investing in this metal is in the form of second-hand articles and old scrap jewelry. And you have the opportunity to easily sell them. You can get significant amounts of money against them. This will help you with your monetary needs and other immediate financial issues.

Right Way To Sell Gold To Jewelry Buyers

Now that you have second-hand ornaments and jewelry items with you, you might wonder how you can sell your gold and get the best possible offers against them from the market. This is what many people worry about, as finding the right buyer is a very difficult task today.

In these times, a vast majority of dealers do not have the necessary knowledge and experience to carry out such high-value transactions.

Venues like a local jewelry buyer, pawnshop, small brokers, etc. do not have the proper access to the necessary machinery, testers, and other equipment to find the right value and industry worth of your possessions.

They hence end up relying on your old bills and the looks of your articles to get a rough estimation of the price to pay you. This is obviously way less than what you actually deserve on them.

Hence it is recommended that no matter how hard your financial conditions are and how desperate your monetary emergencies might be. You must always opt for professional and well-experienced buyers in the industry to make the deal.

If you compromise with the low returns that the local dealers give you out of your dire needs, you will surely miss out on a lot of the latent value that your second-hand jewelry items have.

The Most Reliable Jewelry Buyers

To sell your old precious articles, you can always rely on the most professional and experienced gold buyer. That goes by the name Cash for Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd.

Their company is well-reputed here and carries a legacy of over two decades under its belt. And the reason why this has happened is that people have always trusted them for their workflow.  The value they provide to their clients is highest in the city.

Their staff is properly trained by industry professionals. They use a customer-centric approach to provide you with a hassle-free, smooth, and easy selling experience. But their flagship feature is the access they have to the latest industry-grade equipment and jewelry buyers.

They use those testers to properly test and evaluate your items. It is highly based on key factors like purity, composition percentage, karat value, weight, quality, type, etc. They complete this procedure right in front of your eyes. It will ensure you avoid any fraud and give you the highest returns that you truly deserve on them.

This is the reason why they have been able to stand straight in this profession for such a long time. Now the question is, how exactly do they do it and determine the amount of money to give you?

Their Workflow

If you go to sell gold to them, no matter what the type and state of your item are, they will properly assess it and try to figure out the true worth they hold in the market. It does not matter if your accessories are old, new, first-hand, second-hand, shiny and tidy, or not.

First of all, they look for the hallmark stamp on your items.  This is to verify the proof of the purity, quality, and fineness of your accessories and a legally approved certificate of the same.

Because these days it has become mandatory to have the hallmark on a jewelry item. Furthermore, it is highly probable that the person who you bought it from must have bought it from a good dealer. Maybe they got it as a gift from a relative, who in turn must have approached a professional jeweler.

Hence, your articles will most probably have the hallmark stamp. But in case they are very old and do not have a stamp, no need to worry. Their staff will properly check and assess their true value with their proficient testers. After this, they will send it for the hallmarking, but not before handing you the money you deserve!

What Goes During Selling Your Jewelry?

Secondly, as mentioned, they again go through the proficient evaluation process with their machinery because it might be possible that a local dealer puts a wrong hallmark stamp to make an illegitimate profit for himself.

One example of this is mentioning the yellow metal purity value on the ornament stamp. But if it is not mentioned whether it is solid gold or plated, which created confusion and a huge value difference.

And this company their expert gold buyers understand and acknowledge this problem and hence conduct the requisite analysis.

After doing this evaluation and testing on different levels. They see the current live rates of the precious metals going on in the market. This is also very important for you as well to know the live metal rates and familiarize yourself with the latest happenings in the industry through the latest news.

This information helps you strike the most suitable deals for yourself. By this, you can prevent yourself from falling into the trap of fraudulent and illegal activities.

So after checking the price and comparing the latest rates based on the quality, purity, weight, etc. of your articles. They determine the highest price to give you for the value that you truly deserve.

In addition to that, their staff gives you cash immediately in your hands after the deal. So that you do not have to needlessly wait to get your money. You can now use it to meet your financial ends and take care of your immediate important expenses.


Finding and being able to deal with the most reliable and professional buyers in the jewelry industry today is rare. And even rare is to find a dealer who honestly wants to give you the true worth of your items. This is because we also don’t know that wants to make an illegitimate profit for himself. He is also not taking undue advantage of your monetary needs.

Cash for Gold and Silverkings has made the process of selling your old ornaments much easier. Now, getting the highest returns against them is easier than ever. Why wait further when you can make use of your old and unused second-hand jewelry by selling them. So, this is the right way and leveraging their monetary potential to give you high returns?

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Works as a Digital Marketer at Cashfor Gold and Silverkings Pvt Ltd In Noida. It provide financial service and give cash for gold.

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