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How do I Extract MDaemon Files in Office 365?

Many users are struggling to find an appropriate method to extract MDaemon files in Office 365 environment. So, in the post we will be discussing different ways which will help you out in accessing all data from MDaemon to Office 365 environment without any worries.

MDaemon is a popular groupware email server. It is launched by Alt-N Technology and widely known for the remarkable features that it offers to users. That is why many companies are still using it to manage their data as well as day-to-day communication process. Features like instant messaging, spam filter, email encryption and security, mobile device management, email archiving and many more. It prove to be helpful to ease the required task that need to be performed by user.

The only thing in which it lacks is it’s limited storage space. Thus, numerous small-scale organizations where the size of data files crosses the specified limit and unable to fit in the MDaemon server, in that case, they look for alternative which is secure where they can backup their old data without facing any loss. In such a scenario, Office 365 is a beneficial choice.

Why Office 365 and Need to Extract MDaemon Files in Office 365 Environment

Office 365 is now popular as Microsoft 365. A Microsoft developed cloud-based application which allows to store unlimited files on the cloud without worrying about the size limitation. It is an online edition of MS Office Suite. It carries all the apps which are available in Office for desktop such as Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote,, Dropbox etc. Moreover, the independent app can be accessed from any location and at any time until and unless the internet connectivity is good. Let us see some main benefits of Office 365 account.

Some Beneficial Features of Microsoft Office 365

Easy Accessibility of Files

Office 365 facilitates to save all files in the cloud. It means it can be accessed from any device or platform and from any location. It requires only good internet speed.

Offers Good Security Access

Microsoft 365 offers secure environment with healthy security to prevent from any type of damage such as two-factor authentication that stops unauthorised people or third party to access your confidential files from seeing. Also, capable to stop anti-malware as well as threat detection immediately which are part of security threat and is particularly important for organizations which deals with confidential data or information. Using Office 365 means that business has a total freedom to operate it without any thinking about any risk of data breach.

Enhanced Communication

Through Skype and Outlook, users can keep communication centralised and straightforward. Skype for Business will help to schedule conference calls and meetings with staff and external agencies from any location in the world. It will help in easy collaboration and communication regardless of time or location. Microsoft Teams on the other side offers instant messaging function where comments can be added and files uploaded simultaneously. This will help in cross-department collaboration and when using single document by multiple users at the same time. Yammer is another beneficial feature which works as a social network for organization.

Predictable Spend

Office 365 is a subscription-based product. The license cost depends on functionality level we choose for business. Different applications and products are included in different enterprise levels which tells the cost of each license. Paying for per user, per month gives foreseeable outgoing and helps to manage IT budget spend for the year ahead. The cost of license includes the cost of Upgrades as well, so no additional costs are added in it.

Continuity of Business

Office 365 does regular backup and takes care of all the files stored on cloud and this help the organization to continue with work as normal in case of any disaster happens. It does not matter what happens to physical devices, the email files and data safely stored in the cloud. Exchange also offers recovery features which means that user emails or even the entire mailboxes can be restored if required.

Automatic Upgrades

Important apps such as Excel, Word or Outlook are included. Use them online without the requirement of software installation. Upgrades are automatically installed at fixed intervals, so one do not need to think about being on latest edition which will happen automatically. Buying new expensive software can also be eliminated as updates are already included in the Office 365 license subscription.

Centralised Collaboration

Microsoft 365 has collaborative tools which will help to share mailboxes, contacts and calendars and edit documents in real time. Calendar sharing in Exchange help users to see who in organizations are available and when to schedule meetings. Shared Mailboxes refers to sharing of single mailbox with multiple people so that messages can be filtered to land in a shared mailbox which won’t be missed. SharePoint is another important tool for supporting collaboration. Documents saved on the same can be easily accessed and worked by any staff member and shared through email as a link. Multiple Users also has the authority to edit documents that are stored in SharePoint in real time.

Solution to Extract MDaemon Files in Office 365

To extract MDaemon files in Office 365 can be performed by utilizing MDaemon Converter application. A complete powerful utility to batch transfer MDaemon all account items such as emails, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks to Microsoft 365 without data loss. MDaemon to Office 365 is an effective utility with smart functioning so that any user and organization can use it without efforts and easily move MDaemon files in Office 365.

MDaemon Converter also has lot of features such as batch MDaemon file extraction in Office 365, copy to default folders, filters and more. For complete understanding, download free version now and follow the steps appropriately. Also, set the option according to your need for required output.

Steps to Extract MDaemon Files in Office 365 with Emails, Contacts and Calendar

Download the free MDaemon Converter Tool and follow the below steps to know the procedure of MDaemon file extraction in Office 365 environment.

  1.  Install, launch and open MDaemon Converter utility on Windows.
  2. Choose desired MDaemon files and folder using Select Files and Select Folder and upload them on the software for extraction in Office 365.
  3.  To extract MDaemon files from multiple accounts, use “Converting Multiple MDaemon Users” option.
  4. Hit Next button.
  5. Tool list all MDaemon items after deep scanning and analysis. All folders will be displayed with checkboxes. These can be used for selective process, if a user needed, otherwise hit Next to continue.
  6. Use Office 365 as a saving option from the list of Select Saving Option drop-down menu.
  7. Enter Microsoft 365 Email ID and Password. If you carry admin details, then choose I am Admin option.
  8. Apply other displayed options accordingly i.e. item filters, advance filters, copy to default folders etc.
  9.  Click Connect.
  10. If the admin login details are entered in Microsoft 365, then the tool will show another window i.e. Mailbox Mapping. It allows to select desired user in which MDaemon extraction is required. If single user details are entered in Microsoft 365, then the tool will directly perform the process and extract MDaemon files in Office 365.
  11. Process will quickly starts after setting up all the desired options and once the process terminates, tool will show message on the screen “Process Completed Successfully”.

Now, navigate to Microsoft 365 account and check the extracted MDaemon files. All the data will remain accurate. Moreover, the tool also maintains the data integrity like formatting, hyperlink, image, header, footer etc.


MDaemon to Office 365 is not a tricky process as it seems. By applying the right method, one can directly and quickly perform the required task. Also, it is important, before using any technique, take the backup of your files, in case if some misshapen occurs. Otherwise, there is nothing to worry about. If you find any difficulty while processing the software, then you can contact the support team as they are available 24*7 to help their customers in solving software related issue.

MDaemon Converter is in a boom these days. Many companies and users are utilizing it to resolve the batch migration process. Moreover, besides Office 365, user can use the same to export MDaemon to PST Outlook, Exchange Server, G Suite, WLM, Thunderbird, Gmail and more.

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