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How Easy Is It to Set Up A Limited Company in Hong Kong?

Set Up A Limited Company

There are many reasons to choose a Limited Company in Hong Kong. One is that there are no complicated procedures involved in the set Up A Limited Company.

Companies can start-up in a day. The reason is that the paperwork is handled by the office of the Company Registrar, who will give the papers to create a company in hongkong.
In a small country, people are very friendly. You can meet them and ask for their advice. If you are really into business, a small country like Hong Kong can prove to be a good location for your new Limited Company.
The registration of the Limited Company is done through the Registered Office. Once you contact them, they will let you know when the registration process would be started. This office will be responsible for the legal aspects of the company. Once the company has been registered, it can be used for business purposes.
Unlike in other countries, there is no requirement to pay a special tax in Hong Kong. There are no registration fee and no contribution to the expenses for the establishment. Your company can be allowed to earn an income without having to pay any taxes. In case of a certain percentage of your income being taken as deductions, you may also be able to bring in more income to your company.
In Hong Kong, a company is not required to own any assets to start a Limited Company. There is no need to invest or purchase any assets to create company hongkong. There is no need to hire employees either. You do not have to worry about the workers that you will have to provide.

Set Up A Limited Company
The most important aspect of a Hong Kong Company is that you will only be allowed to do business with Hong Kong residents. The Public Company Register is only for companies that are registered in Hong Kong. Thus, even if a company is incorporated outside of Hong Kong, it still cannot register. There are several cases where some companies operate in another country but do not have Hong Kong as their headquarters.
One other benefit of doing business in Hong Kong is that there are very few cons in the way of operating the company. The office is situated on the first floor of a building and it is quite easy to get in touch with it. There is a Mailbox on the lobby of the building and if you are unable to reach the office, you can call them. Their phone number is +852 22 9600 000.
A single Taxation of around $45 is enough to provide a good income to your Company. Also, unlike other countries, you can easily transfer your funds from a bank account to the Limited Company account in a matter of days. One thing that one must remember is that the process of registering a Limited Company in Hong Kong takes just a few minutes and that it is indeed quite easy to set up a Company in this country.
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