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How Expensive Are Hair Transplant in Dubai

Usually, most people take hair loss for granted at their young age and want to get rid of this problem when it’s already too late. No denial, your hair plays a significant role in enhancing overall personality and self-assurance. But, some people face serious hair fall issues due to several medical and genetic conditions. Undeniably, hair treatments are getting expensive with the time. If you want to know about the overall expenses of hair transplantation, you can determine the cost based on the chosen procedure.

Hence, if you face hair loss and thin hair issues, you must take it seriously. Captivatingly, the latest hair transplant methods ideally resolve the issue and help you in looking more confident. Although there are numerous treatments to get thick and voluminous hair back, not all of them guarantee long-lasting results. Nevertheless, based on Hair Transplant in Dubai Reviews, hair restoration is one of the most effective treatments to get back the lost hair.

Before estimating the overall expenses and estimated cost of hair treatment in Dubai, let’s discuss Hair Restoration treatment necessary information. In this treatment, the professional surgeon takes hair from the donor area and fills in it in the scalp’s intended area. No doubt, the procedure looks simple, but it requires proficiencies and skill-set to perform hair restoration treatment. Generally, two methods are quite famous and recommended by a hair transplant surgeon in Dubai, including;

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Strip Surgery (FUSS)

Remember, both of these treatments are different from one another. Based on the chosen surgeon and his recommended hair treatment, the ultimate cost varies from patient to patient. Also, some other factors help in deciding the overall expense of hair transplantation in Dubai.

Key Factors to Decide How Expensive Hair Treatment Is In Dubai

Generally, the cost of a hair transplant in Dubai ranges from $35000 to $25000, but it varies for each patient. Moreover, you should also know that hair transplantation is a cosmetic treatment, and your insurance doesn’t cover it. That’s why; you have to manage all your expenses on your own as insurance companies don’t help you in this matter. We have highlighted some key factors that decide the expenses of hair transplant in Dubai.

  • Locality

Your region, area, and place of residency may decide the expense of hair transplantation. The surgeon near your residence may charge you less as compared to the surgeon of some other locality. So, before you go for hair treatment, it is quite necessary to determine whether you choose the surgeon from your area or go somewhere else to get this treatment done.

  • Chosen Treatment

As we discussed earlier, Dubai is renowned for two different treatments, including FUT and FUSS. Both of these treatments are different from one another, with their pros and cons. Also, both of the treatments cost different. So, the final cost depends on your surgeon and chosen treatment. You can better determine the cost after selecting the preferred hair procedure for you.

  • Selected Surgeon

Yes, you are right, as the surgeon’s skills and expertise also play a primary role in determining the cost of hair treatment in Dubai. For instance, if you choose a professional surgeon with extensive experience of multiple years, prepare yourself for paying some extra cash. The experienced surgeon always charges high due to his unique skills and ability of the latest tools. Nevertheless, we still recommend you to opt for the surgeon after proper research. Higher rates never guarantee that the selected surgeon is skilled too.

  • Intended Area of Treatment

The intended area of treatment also determines the cost and expenses. For instance, if you need a few patches to cover your bald area, you will have to pay less, but you will have to pay more for significant regions. So, you need to discuss everything with your surgeon in the initial consultation, including the treatment area. This way, you can get a complete idea about the cost and expenses.

  • Traveling

Although it isn’t the most crucial factor to deem, it still requires proper consideration. You don’t need to travel if you have some reliable and professional surgeons in your area. If you don’t have any experienced hair surgeons in your area, you have to add travel costs for finding a reliable surgeon. Traveling expenses are also part of the hair treatment process, so you must consider it beforehand.

Bottom Line

The core purpose of highlighting all these factors was to help you determine the overall expenses of hair treatment in Dubai. So, keep everything in your mind before you choose any of the hair transplant processes for you. Also, choose your hair transplantation surgeon carefully as it is important to get the desired results.

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