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How Great Office Design Gets You More Clients

Location: Art Or Science

The entryway is a vital place to pay attention to in feng shui. Harmonious design is what Feng Shui does. Since it is through the front door that energy and opportunities reach your space, it is also known as the “mouth of qi.” It should be effortless to locate. Make sure there is proper signage and that the door is in good working order. This not only attracts positive benefits for customers but also for company employees.


Seeing if people get lost trying to locate your office is an excellent way to test the feng shui of your entrance. If tourists or delivery people can’t find your office, the chances are that opportunities won’t either.

Design A Warm and Inviting Reception

Since people enter the space through the reception, it is like the mouth of qi. It’s the first thing people notice about your workplace, and it also serves as a protective barrier for those who work there. As a result, it’s essential that the receptionist has charge of the front door and can see someone approaching.


Take the time to make this area inviting, well-lit, safe, and easy to locate. Consider how you would feel if you were a stranger to your office for the first time and how you can make it a pleasant experience for them.

Switch on the Wealth Corner.

When evaluating a room, feng shui practitioners use the Bagua, a conceptual energy map that can be laid over your office floor plan. The Bagua is divided into eight parts, each of which represents a different aspect of life. One of these fields has to do with money and abundance.


To locate your workplace’s wealth corner, stand in the front door and imagine a three-by-three grid drawn on the floor. The wealth or money-attracting corner is in the far left corner.


The wealth corner is about abundance in general, not just financial abundance. It’s also linked to self-esteem, as well as the color purple and the element of wood. This is a vital area to consider in the workplace if you want to promote success and prospects for abundance for your team and the organization.


The wealth region can also be found on a desk. To do so, sit at your desk and visualize a three-by-three grid covering the desk’s surface. The wealth corner is once again in the far left corner.


Keep Them Coming: Wealth Corner

Your office design is your business card. You may want to toggle the wealth corner of your office or desk once you’ve found it. A living green plant (which represents the wood element), something purple, or a citrine crystal are good options. Whatever method you use to unlock this area, be sure to set an intention for what you want to see happen in this area of your life for yourself or your business.

Relationships And Communication

Relationships are another aspect of the feng shui Bagua. To find the relationship corner, envision a three-by-three grid over your office space as you would if you were standing at the front door, and look for the far right corner. In the same way, you can find the relationship corner of your desk.


This topic is often discussed in the context of romantic relationships, but it also applies to other forms of partnerships, such as business partnerships. If you want to build good working relationships with clients, friends, or partners, this is a great field to concentrate on in the workplace.

Business Relationship Colors

The earth-related element and the color pink are both associated with the relationship corner. You may put something pink or something that reflects the earth aspect, such as a natural crystal, salt lamp, or stone sculpture, in the relationship corner of your office or desk to unlock it. You may also put a pair of things here if you want to call in beneficial collaboration.

Applying Desing Concepts To Your Office

Owning a new office and running a dental practice can be a great way to earn a living and dream for many dentists. If you do start your dental practice, many factors need to be taken into consideration. One crucial factor to consider is the furniture that you choose to purchase. There are several reasons why you need to have quality furniture in your dental office.

Improved Comfort

Going to a dentist’s office is always a situation that people will make people nervous. Due to this, you will want your patients to be as comfortable as possible. While affordable dental furniture could save you some money when building out the practice, it will not be comfortable for people to sit in. 


Once you hire adequate dental contractors to have the design of your office revised, renew, and maybe redone, you will focus on details that you might overlook otherwise.


This could hurt their overall experience when coming to your office. When you invest in quality furniture, it can help to keep your patients comfortable and enjoying their experience at the dental office as well as they can.

Good Design Improves Appearance of Office

Anyone that will build out any form of office will need to ensure that their space looks attractive. Offering an inviting and comfortable environment to all patients and staff members will provide various benefits, including making people feel comfortable and relaxed. A pleasant environment can also be a motivating factor for anyone that works for your practice and can keep them happy to come into your practice daily.

Easier to Clean Design

A dental office today continues to have the responsibility to keep the space clean. This includes disinfecting the furniture after each use. Due to this, you will want to ensure that the furniture you choose for your dental practice is easy to clean. Certain materials are entirely water-resistant and will allow you to clean, disinfect and dry the furniture quickly between each visit. This can keep the furniture looking great while also keeping your practice in compliance with any requirement regarding disinfection.

Keep Records Organized

While more and more dental files are being kept electronically, there will be files and patient records that are hard copies and stored within the dental office. Additionally, dental offices need to keep their financial records and other data adequately stored. A dental office needs to have proper office furniture to accommodate this. The office should have a quality desk to complete office work and filing cabinets to hold all necessary files. Investing in quality furniture will allow a dental practice to complete these tasks.

Design Durability

Another reason that you should get good furniture for your dental office is that it is pretty durable. When you are a dentist, there will be dozens of people coming through your office daily. 


This will include people of varying heights, weights, and ages, each of which will be getting up and sitting down with each visit. Over time, this can put a lot of stress on the furniture.


If it is not made of high-quality materials, the furniture could start to wear down quickly. By investing in quality furniture, you will know that it is built to last, extending its life and even saving you money over time.


Anyone who will start their dental practice or improve an existing one will have many important factors to consider and choices to make. There are many reasons why good furniture and decor are great investments. You should buy good furniture for your office every time you can. Looks, comfort, feng shui, marketing, branding, etc., are a few of the many benefits. Make the updates and renovations you need to make to keep the clients coming back!


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