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How Long Does KoR Whitening Last?

If you’re looking to brighten your smile but are concerned about how long the effects of KoR Whitening will last, you’ll be happy to know that this tooth whitening method not only gives you results that last, but also makes your teeth healthier in the process. Let’s take a look at how KoR Whitening works and why it yields the long-lasting results you want and need.  Tetting your teeth professionally whitened.

Don’t Stop Whitening After 2 Weeks

One of our most popular questions is How long does Kör Whitening procedure? and while it’s impossible to give a precise answer, there are definitely things you can do to make sure your smile stays healthy, white and bright for as long as possible. Once you complete your at-home whitening treatment (and especially before starting), schedule an appointment with your dentist or dental hygienist to discuss at-home maintenance and address any concerns about side effects or sensitivity. Your dentist open on sunday near me can also provide advice on how often to continue treatment—many people choose regular treatments every six months or a year.

Consistency is Key

If you want your results to last, it’s important to be consistent with treatment. The more frequently you get your teeth whitened, they better they stay that way. Keep in mind that good dental hygiene and avoiding triggers like coffee, tea, tobacco products and certain foods can help minimize staining over time. Most patients return for a touch up once every three months or so to maintain their bright smile.

Follow Up Visits Make a Big Difference

The first week is critical to ensuring you get a good result. When you come in for your check-up, we’ll evaluate how quickly your teeth are whitening and let you know what to expect going forward. We might tell you to add another booster session or leave it as is. Either way, we’ll have a plan for keeping your teeth bright and white for years to come. Make sure you keep all of your follow up appointments. It’s also important that you avoid smoking, drinking coffee or tea, or eating acidic foods such as orange juice or vinegar when doing treatments at home because they can affect the strength of your results over time.

The Right Whitening Kit Makes A Big Difference

The results of your teeth whitening will depend on a number of factors, but one that often goes overlooked is what kind of whitening kit you use. If you have used a traditional bleach-based whitener in the past, you may have noticed that your teeth eventually start to darken again over time. This is because most whiteners contain harsh ingredients that damage tooth enamel over time. At Kör®, we recommend switching to an FDA-approved laser treatment as it allows for more consistent results. Over 75% of our patients say they see noticeably whiter teeth after just one treatment, and most report staying white for up to three years with proper home care! Give us a call today to learn more about how laser treatments can keep your smile bright long term!

Wear the Mask Correctly

Though it’s not as complicated as it may seem, there are some things you need to keep in mind when using a whitening system. First and foremost, make sure you’re wearing your mask correctly. It should fit snugly against your face without wrinkles or creases and stay in place without tape or other reinforcements. If you see leaks or big gaps anywhere along its edges, take it off and adjust accordingly before wearing again. A well-fitting mask will maximize product contact with your teeth and gums while minimizing exposure to soft tissue like your lips; not only does that mean better whitening results, but also a lower risk of skin irritation down the line.

Work Out Without Removing the Mask

The answer is YES! You can still exfoliate and moisturize while your Kör White Mask is on. The mask will not rub off or dissolve in sweat, as it is a solid piece of hydrogel that adheres to skin. Additionally, you can use a gentle exfoliator or moisturizer if you desire. However, make sure to completely remove kör whitening any excess lotion before applying Kör White Mask or during your 7-day treatment.

Also, avoid wearing makeup over top of Kör White Mask for 24 hours after application; otherwise the ingredients may not be able to get deep into your pores to effectively activate whitening ingredients. Makeup remover is an option, but we suggest using warm water this not only helps open your pores but also helps to break down stubborn waterproof makeup products. The one exception: Our Collagen Serum Active has a naturally soothing effect on skin, making it ideal for post-facial applications—perfect for situations where wearing makeup isn’t allowed (like work). Simply apply Collagen Serum Active immediately after removing the Kör White Mask, before showering or moisturizing with normal skincare products. Your newly refreshed complexion will thank you!

Rinse Properly

Proper rinsing is an essential part of whitening your teeth at home with KOR. If you leave residue behind on your teeth, it won’t take as long to get rid of stains as it will if you do a good job of cleaning them off. Don’t be afraid to use extra mouthwash—it’s not like it can hurt anything! Rinse until you feel like there is no more foam left in your mouth. Remember that any toothpaste will dry out your gums, so give yourself a few seconds before spitting to allow some saliva back into your mouth. Don’t try holding a conversation while doing so, but just let a little water or foam settle in before rinsing and spitting again.

Use Cool Water When Washing Away the Bleach

Water dilutes bleach and causes it to lighten your teeth at a much slower rate. If you’re going to whiten your teeth, make sure you’re using cool water—but don’t just rinse with it. The solution should be in your mouth for no more than 30 seconds each time. For example, if you’re doing a session of 15 minutes, do three sets of rinsing every 5 minutes with cool water in between.

Wash Off Excess Bleach After 10 Minutes

Although you don’t want to leave it on for any longer than 10 minutes, be sure to wash off any excess bleach that didn’t get absorbed into your teeth after about 15 minutes. So, if you leave for a meeting or are going out to dinner afterwards and don’t have time to wait in front of a mirror, kör whitening be sure to use your finger tips (clean them with soap first) and wipe away excess bleach in hard-to-reach places like under gums or below dental work. Rinse for 60 seconds: Rinse away all traces of fluoride (if applicable) by swishing vigorously in cold water for 60 seconds or until you can no longer taste fluoride.

Eat Well to Keep Your Teeth Whiter Longer

Teeth whitening is a process, which is why it’s so important to keep your teeth clean after you’ve gotten them cleaned professionally. This can be accomplished through daily use of a whitening toothpaste that contains fluoride and calcium. They will both promote good oral health and keep your smile brighter for longer.

After eating, it’s best to brush with a toothbrush and floss daily—the small particles of food left in your mouth are what cause staining, so brushing and flossing regularly will ensure that your teeth look great longer after getting themkör whitening cleaned professionally. In addition to brushing and flossing on a regular basis, you should schedule professional cleanings every three months to ensure that stains don’t build up between appointments.
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