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How much does it cost to hire a designer to build a website?

You can always tell when a website has been built by a professional website designer. While
many platforms let you do it yourself, it often shows, with clunky functionality, dead links to
nowhere, and amateur design.
If you want the slick, high-functioning website experience that will impress your clients (and your
competition), it always pays to hire a professional website designer. The question is, how much
are you going to have to pay that professional?
Here’s where the expression ‘how long is a piece of string’ comes in — but let’s face it, when
you’re looking for the cost of a website designer in Brisbane, that expression is a tad annoying.
You just want to get an idea! So we’ll give you some ballpark figures to base your costing
projections on.
But first, let’s look at what you’re after.

For Website Designers, Time is Money

How much it will cost to hire a website designer will depend largely on what kind of website you
want, and how tricky ( interactive) you want it to be. Seems obvious, but for the novice, how do
you know all the options on the table that will make the cost increase?
Let’s take you through it.
The first, hugely important but often missed question is: Do you want a website designer to just
‘design’ your website (ie, do visual mockups of how you want it to look), or do you want them to
visually design it, AND build it?
Most of you, presumably, are going to want both, but we do get clients in now and then who just
want a design, and some recommendations on how to use a platform like WordPress to build it
themselves. That’s fine, and won’t cost you much at all- probably in the neighbourhood of $500 – $600 for a home page and $300- $400 for the interior pages.

Next question: What kind of website do you want?

Do you want a fairly simple information-based website? A popular website design is a 4-page
layout that tells customers things like what services you offer, who you are, and how to contact
you, along with a beautiful home page that makes you stand out. These kinds of websites can
be built by a professional website designer for around the 3000 dollar mark.
Or do you want something with more functionality, like a shop? E-commerce websites are more
complicated to build than a basic website, but they are incredibly important to get right. You do
NOT want glitches when someone has something in their cart — everyone knows that
customers won’t come back if your website is hard to navigate. The starting price for these
kinds of websites is around $5,000, and it goes up from there depending on the complexity of
what you want your website to do. This is something that we can discuss in a conversation.

Do you want content and SEO provided for your website?

Do you want the content professionally written by the website designer, or do you want to write it
yourself? Obviously, getting a company to write your website content will cost more, but it will
almost certainly deliver a greater return on your investment.
Not all website designers offer this service, but if you’re going with a full-service website
designer like Clearshot Media, our specialist creative team can create content for your website
that is engaging for the reader, as well as SEO-rich for the search engine bots! (It’s not enough
just to have a pretty website, you need to make sure the ‘google gods’ know it is there.)
We also create superb videos and photography to make your site visually stunning, and run
social media campaigns to get your business to the first page of Google and drive traffic to your
shiny new website.
Of course, we adapt to your needs (and your budget). You may want to run your own social
media, but hire us to do a video for you, or perhaps you’ll provide the website content, and we’ll
jazz it up for SEO purposes. At Clearshot, we’re always flexible to what you want.
We quote for our creative content services separately, so just get in touch for a chat about that.

So, how can a website designer cut down your costs?

A reputable website designer in Brisbane like Clearshot Media knows that small businesses
don’t have money to burn, and will always offer ways to reduce your costs.
The good news is that there are plenty of platforms, templates and plug-ins that we can use to
make your website build quicker and cheaper. Whether it’s building a website on WordPress or
Shopify, it’s rare that we have to build the website from scratch (and believe us, that’s not a
cheap proposition).
The plug-ins available today are also pretty incredible — functionality that once would have had
to be specially coded by a developer can now be integrated into your website at the relative
click of a button. This means you can have a slick, high-functioning website for a whole lot less
than you would have paid even five years ago.

Ongoing Costs

There are some non-negotiable costs to running a website, such as paying for your domain
name and hosting (at least a couple of hundred dollars per year), backup options for peace of
mind, website builders (such as WordPress), and security certificates. Most of these
subscriptions renew annually, so plan for that.

How long will it take for a website designer to build your website?

We’re a bit tempted to trot out the old ‘how long is a piece of string’ again here. Depending on
the scope of your project, websites can be built in as little as a week, or as long as 4 months. Of
course, the longer it takes, the more it costs. It’s really important to find a website designer that
will be upfront with you about where the costs might blow out, what’s worth spending money on,
and how you can save yourself some money in other places.
Our team of website designers in Brisbane will sit down with you and discuss your goals, before
designing you a beautiful, high-functioning, and reasonably priced website.

What We Offer as a Website Designer

Our Web team has designed and built a wide range of CMS Frameworks specialising in
WordPress and eCommerce platforms. We will build you a custom website to best suit your
particular circumstances.
It has never been a more important time to compliment your brick and mortar stores with an
online offering. We open up your brand to an infinite online marketplace with an eCommerce
platform that works for you.

Why Choose Us?

All of our team members are based in Milton, Brisbane. You can connect with our team
face-to-face or meet online to discuss the needs of your brand. You can speak directly to the
people who will be designing and building your website to make sure we create the best
possible website for you.
We will provide you with the training and tools required to manage your website on your own,
with the safety net of our team to catch you when you need help. We can host and maintain
your website to make sure it remains secure and up to date

For more updates you may check our website clearshot Media.
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With an MFA in Creative Writing, I am poised to help you craft your thoughts into readable, accessible language to reach broad audiences and markets. I have published two novels, have technical writing experience in business across several industries including auto insurance, pharma, and telecommunications, and have over two years' of crafting dialogue geared for commercial user experiences. Additionally, I have experience in blog writing, crafting key words for optimal SEO, website design and writing easy-to-read articles for small businesses.

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