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How Much Would It Cost to Start Your Own Casino Gaming Business?

Online Casino gaming is becoming a new normal. Online casino is to harness the popularity of this game from Vegas to Singapore. There are several benefits of having business via online casino game apps. Like no investment in infrastructure management, no building etc. The online casino game would also make a businessman free of worrying about unnecessary fights, mafia and police.

Once a firm has finalized to go-ahead for the online casino business, they have to decide the software platform that will host their game. As a result, they need to hire casino game developers to develop their own casino game. 

Let’s try to find out how much someone has to spend in order to take Casino game development services and some related aspects through this article. 

A Rough Cost-Estimation

  • If you are developing an online casino game from the ground level, it would cost within a range of $100,000 to $300,000 and with certain royalties. 
  • Taking a license for an online casino also makes variations in its cost. For example, an Antiguan licence will start from $100,000, whereas in Gibraltar, the same license would cost around $2500 per annum. In India, you have to spend somewhere around $100,000 for the license.
  • A well-performing casino is dependent on its marketing strategy. Most emerging online casino game apps will cost around $50,000 per month for marketing. 

Exploring in Details

After seeing a broad outline, you could roughly get an idea about charges associated with the casino game development. Now, let’s explore the cost factor in detail.

  • Online Casino Game developer

The part-timers or online casino game developers can help a low budget investor to get a game app developed in as low as $10 or as high as $5000. However, you have to compromise the quality aspect with such games. 

  • Design Aspect

Developers usually charge on the basis of demand regarding the quality and design of a game, which would make that unique in the market. On this criterion for casino game apps, an investor would be charged around $150-$250 per hour.

  • High-level games.

High-level casino games indeed demand high capital investment. An investor might have to spend somewhere around $400,000 to $1,000,000. Such apps need high-class experienced mobile game app developers and hence have promising good returns. 

  • Testing

There is another factor that determines the cost of a gaming app. and that is Game App testing. As a slow and lagging game would reduce the reach and popularity of the app, the testing is extremely important. So, an investor must be careful that a mobile game app development company is providing an adequate testing mechanism. 

  • Mini Casino games

Small casino games which do not require much skill are also favourites in the market. Such a simple game app could be developed and managed within a budget of $50,000.

  • Small budget 2D Casino game

A Casino game with basic 2D graphics and design offers great user engagement. Such games are liked by basic mobile users. The cost of getting such an app developed is $50000 to $100,000.

Factors to Consider while Hiring a Casino Game Developer

Along with the type of game and its feasibility, the investor must also consider something about Casino game app developer:

  • Does the provider have the right experience for the project? An incapable developer could lead to embarrassment of business.
  • What is the profile and market status of the Casino game developer?
  • The provider must have workable technologies as per the demand of the business.
  • The size of the team must be just right enough to provide the exact Casino game development solution.

As the platform of the casino is changing online, Casino Game Development is the growing necessity of the business. However, before making a decision, it would be good to see a few aspects to hire a Casino Game Developer.

The developed game must:

    • Be easy to learn and engage the gamers.
    • Be accessible on any handy device.
    • Include instant customer resolution and Casino software solutions.

Wrapping it off

In the revolutionary age of technology, a businessman must be resilient enough to market variations. A good casino game app which is as per the budget of the investor could be a guarantee for promising returns. A businessman must consider the necessary aspects and be smart as per his need and market size. So, if you want to start your own casino gaming business, then Mobzway Technologies is your solution!
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