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How Stress Causes Shoulder & Back Pain?

Nowadays, it’s an era of chaos and haphazard. Every other person is busy in a tough life that only affects physical health but mental health too. Stress is quite common these days, mainly cause pain in different body parts, including shoulder and neck. Research studies and recent exploration by Georgia Pain Clinic have confirmed that 1 out of 10 people suffer from back pain. According to the latest research study by ‘American Psychological Association’, more than 25% of Americans experience an extreme stress level. In contrast, around 50% of Americans suffer from moderate stress that negatively influences their routine life activities.

Sadly, the lethal combination of physical and psychological problems causes chronic pain in the body and makes you feel lethargic, depressed and anxious every time.

Let’s see how stress causes pain in the body and the effective ways to keep stress at bay.

Stress Response & How it Works?

Stress isn’t an emotional phenomenon only. It’s a combination of physical and emotional components that alert your body to handle or fight with danger. A triggered brain enables your body to release certain hormones (including adrenaline and cortisol etc.). All such hormones help your body to take specific actions. A rapid change in blood pressure, breathing, heart rate and tensed muscles result in disturbing your nerves. This way; you feel chronic and undesirable pain in different body parts, especially neck, back and shoulder.

Our body reacts to stress all day and protects us from harm and danger. However, chronic stress is quite problematic and makes it difficult for you to perform routine life activities productively. Besides, a person with emotional stress feels it difficult to manage personal relationships and financial responsibilities.

How to deal with chronic stress when it disturbs not only your personal life but also overall health?

How Stress Causes Neck & Back Pain?

One of the worse things about stress is that it causes neck and back pain and makes minor pain exigent to handle. Georgia Pain Clinic

Here’s how stress worsens your back and neck pain.

  • Enhances the blood vessels and makes oxygen delivery quicker and faster.
  • Results in contracting your shoulder, back, jaw and neck’s muscles.
  • Increases tension in the trapezius muscles that move across the back.
  • Negatively affect the movement of shoulder, neck and pain.
  • Amplifies your pain’s perception and you feel more pain in the body.

The emotional and physical stress makes it challenging for your body to fight with stress, and your body finds no way to release the stress appropriately. This undesirable stress in your body disturbs overall nerves and muscles in the body. Resultantly, it becomes complicated to eradicate stress triggers from your body.

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Ultimate Treatment for Stress Pain

Indeed, stress triggers pain in your body. So, one of the best ways to deal with your back pain is to stretch and relax more often.

We have highlighted some practical ways to mitigate back and shoulder pain being caused by stress.

  • Neck Stretches

It is relatively more comfortable and doesn’t require much time. In fact, you can go for it even in your lunch breaks or in the office. For this, you need to lower your chest or chin for around 20 seconds. It allows your head’s weight to stretch your upper back. After that, drop your head to either side of the body for 15 seconds. You can try this effective remedy after every 2 to 3 hours.

  • Massage

No denial, massage is an ideal way to reduce stress from your body. There are several types of massages, and each of them has remarkable health benefits. So, you can go to a professional massage centre if your back pain prolongs. They use the latest techniques and aromatherapies to make you feel better.

  • Meditation

Undeniably, we all have a busy schedule, and it’s pretty challenging to manage time for yoga or meditation. But remember; a calm mind plays an imperative role in relaxing your muscles. This way, you feel comfortable and no pain in your muscles and body.

So, take-out 15 to 20 minutes for daily meditation. Simply, close your eyes and listen to a guided mediation. Always choose a peaceful and tranquil place for this purpose. It is okay if you don’t want to listen to the guided mediation. Just close your eyes and feel the silence. It may take some time but daily meditation for 15 to 20 minutes reduces stress from your body. Besides, it helps in improving your mental, physical health and work productivity. Georgia Pain Clinic

Final Words

The primary objective of the discussion mentioned above was to highlight the importance of a healthy and stress-free life. You can opt for any of the tips mentioned above to lessen back and shoulder pain.

However, it is always recommended to consult pain management specialist in Georgia if your pain stays for a long time. The expert and qualified specialists can better evaluate your back and shoulder pain.

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