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How to Add Multiple Google Accounts on Your Android Smartphone

If you are a regular internet user you must be using more than one Google account. You can have different Google accounts for your personal and professional use or you might also use some additional Google account to access different apps. There are chances that while using different Google accounts you might be forgetting passwords or sometimes two different accounts are important enough that you need to keep them running at the same time on your phone so that you can stay updated with new mails and also activities going on your different accounts. In this guide, we are going to tell you how you can use two different Google accounts on your Android smartphone.

  • The very first step to adding another Google account on your phone is to go into Settings of your Android device.
  • Then you have to go into the section titled Accounts. That’s where you will find an option “Add Account” after scrolling a bit.
  • Once you click on the “Add Account” option there will be a window prompting you to choose a Google account, If you don’t find the account you want to use then you will have to click on add another account and then sign in with that account.
  • Now your additional account will be available on your phone with your primary account and you are not going to miss updates from any of them. You can also add more accounts if you want to and switch among them very easily whenever you want to.

You can also remove the accounts you don’t want to use on your phone by exploring the three-dot menu.

The next step after setting an additional Google account on your Android smartphone is to manage these accounts. You will be able to customize the home page, personal info, data and personalization, security settings, sharing settings, storage, and backup settings and payments and subscription settings for all accounts separately.

A Google account has become relevant for your identity in this digital world. You can use it to store your contacts, photos, important documents, and also to use various useful services from Google to make your personal and professional life easier. It is important to keep your accounts updated, safe, and secure. It is also important that the information entered on these accounts is true and relevant, in case if you have lost access to any of your Google accounts, that information only is going to help you in recovering your accounts.

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Source-Google Accounts on Your Android Smartphone
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